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Time and Travel in the Otherworld

Time and Travel in the Otherworld
Painting that is the cover of the ASHS coursebook 2010

Mind and body are lesser concerns when a creature is in the otherworld. The otherworld has a timeless quality that lulls the spirit and forces many creatures to lose track of time, to spend hours staring aimless into space or to make journeys of great importance in only minutes instead of hours. A character who enters the otherworld could make a journey in minutes that would take day in the real world or he might instead take days to travel a journey that should take only a few minutes.

In the otherworld, a character uses his Wisdom modifier to determine initiative and applies twice his Wisdom modifier to his speeds, rounding to the nearest 5 feet increment, minimum: 5 ft. For example, a human with Wisdom 18 in the otherworld would have a speed of 50 feet; such is his strong sense of purpose but a halfling with Wisdom 5, would find the otherworld so distracting and colourful that his effective speed would be reduced to 15 ft. In armour, this same halfling would move at only 10 

Result of Will Saving ThrowSame Plane*Different Plane
5Twenty times the normal time 4d12 daysHundred times the normal time 1d12 months
10Ten times the normal time 2d8 daysTwenty times the normal time 4d12 days
15Five times the normal time 1d4 daysFive times the normal time 1d4 days
20The normal journey time 2d6 hoursFive times the normal time 1d4 days
251 half the normal time 1d6 hoursThe normal journey time 2d6 hours
301 fifth the normal time 10d10 minutes1 half the normal time 1d6 hours
351 tenth the normal time 5d8 minutes1 fifth the normal time 10d10 minutes
401 hundredth the normal time. 1d6 minutes1 tenth the normal time 5d8 minutes
50Journey is almost instantaneous.1 hundredth the normal time. 1d6 minutes
* Use this column when travelling between two points that are themselves co-existent with same plane. For example: a druid could travel between one town and another on the same continent using this power. In this case, the Games Master should calculate how long it would take the druid to make the journey normally on foot (as the crow flies) and multiply the result by the number given.
This is the time it takes to travel between any two points that are co-existent with different planes. A druid wishing to travel to a different plane would use this time to calculate the journey time. This randomly chosen time determines both the time it takes to venture into the deep otherworld and the time it takes to find the correct location once the druid reaches the otherworld realm coexistent with the plane he wishes to visit. This time is also used to calculate the time taken to journey between any two points in the deep otherworld.

A character attempting a journey in the otherworld, with a specific destination in mind, must make a Will saving throw. The character can determine how quickly the journey has taken by using the following table. If the character is travelling in a group, make a check, using the lowest Will saving throw in the group with a +2 bonus for each additional member in the group. Groups of people drive themselves on when making long journeys in the otherworld.

A character can only journey directly if he has either been to the place before or is led there by someone who has been there before. The only alternative is to wander the otherworld aimlessly. A character who does this can find all manner of wonderful places and terrible hells. Normally, he can attempt at any time to journey back to a place he has been before by declaring he wishes to but, if a character has wandered aimlessly for long enough, he will fall prey to the bedazzlement of the otherworld and may be lost forever.

For every day the character wanders the otherworld, he must make a Will saving throw (DC 5). The difficulty increases by 1 for each full day spent in the otherworld without leaving. If the character fails the saving throw, he is lost. A lost character will need to search out the assistance of otherworldly denizens to guide him back to the safe road and some of these inhabits will happily lead the character to his doom, just for the fun of doing so.

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