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Wormhole Time Tunnel Time Course  - PIRO4D / Pixabay, SPACETIME DISTORTION
PIRO4D / Pixabay

When an adventurer stumbles into the distorted time and space of Faerie, unexpected things are bound to happen.

Songs of the Sidhe by David Ross

Although a table is provided here to randomly determine how distorted time is in Faerie relative to Terra, it is important for a GM to consider the consequences of a severe time distortion. If a campaign’s whole direction may be altered by a roll of the die, it is recommended that the GM choose an appropriate result instead of simply rolling.

Portals: Most portals into and out of Faerie have no risk of distortion in space and distort time by a fixed amount when it is used to exit Faerie. It is recommended that the GM choose a distortion from the table Random Time Distortion by Planar Layer, but if desired, the time distortion can be randomly determined by rolling on the column for the layer of departure.

Spells: If impeded magic is successfully cast in Faerie (see Faerie Planar Traits), the spell is nevertheless distorted by passing through the temporal storm. To determine distortion in space, roll 1d8, treating 1 as north, 2 as northeast, 3 as east, and so on clockwise.

In Annwn, the target appears 1d100-25 (minimum 0) feet off target the indicated direction. In Ladinion, the spell is instead 5d20-5 (minimum 0) miles off target. If the spell was already arriving somewhere other than the intended location, such as by a off target teleport spell, apply both modifiers to get the destination. To determine distortion in time, roll on the table Random Time Distortion by Planar Layer. If the target is departing Faerie, convert the amount of time it has spent in Faerie from faerie time to mortal time according to the distortion rolled. Otherwise, the target arrives an amount of time later equal to that distortion’s ‘Mortal Time’ entry.

Random Time Distortion by Planar Layer
Roll d% Roll d% Distortion Distortion Distortion
Annwn Ladinion Distortion Strength Mortal Time Faerie Time
01 01–03 Major 1 round = 6d10d10 days
02–03 04–11 Strong 1 round = 1d4 days
04–08 12–30 Moderate 1d8+2 rounds = 1 day
09–28 31–38 Mild 3d20 minutes = 1 day
27–38 Faint 1d20+1 hours = 1 day
37–46 None 1 day = 1 day
47–58 Faint 1d6 days = 1 day
59–82 39–45 Mild 1d4 weeks = 1 day
83–94 46–87 Moderate 1d10 months = 1 day
95–98 88–95 Strong 1d8 years = 1 day
99–00 96–00 Major 10d10 years = 1 day
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