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  • Coat of Arms/Flag Status: The coat of arms of Siar is a shield with a white boar’s head on a green background. The flag of Siar is a green banner with the boar’s head in the center.
  • Capital City: The capital city of Siar is called Huntsgrove, and it is located deep in the heart of the forest.
  • Other Settlements: Other notable settlements in Siar include Briarwood, a small village known for its apple orchards, and Stonehill, a mining town located in the nearby hills.
  • Languages: The primary language spoken in Siar is Sylvan, although many of the inhabitants also speak Common and Elvish.
  • Religion(s): The religion of Siar is centered around the worship of the nature spirits and the fey.
  • Government: Siar is ruled by a pair of firbolg kings who are blessed with the honor of riding with the Wild Hunt.
  • Legislature: The legislature of Siar is made up of representatives from each of the major settlements, who gather in Huntsgrove to discuss matters of importance to the kingdom.
  • Population: Siar is home to a diverse population of fey creatures, including pixies, satyrs, and centaurs, as well as the firbolg themselves.
  • Places of Interest: Siar is a place of great natural beauty, with ancient forests, crystal-clear streams, and mist-shrouded hills. Other notable locations include the standing stones at Stonehenge, the abandoned castle of the mad wizard Morgan le Fay, and the lair of the dreaded Barghest.
  • Current Ruler: The current rulers of Siar are the firbolg kings, Aodh and Ailill.
  • Local Ruler: Each settlement in Siar has its own local ruler, who is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the community.
  • Other Notable Residents: Siar is home to many notable residents, including the enigmatic archfey Oberon, the dryad queen Titania, and the centaur chieftain Eurytus.
  • Mythical or Folklore Monsters or Creatures: Siar is home to many mythical and folklore monsters and creatures, including the Barghest, a spectral hound that preys on unwary travelers; the Wild Hunt, a spectral procession of the greatest hunters in the Feywild; and the Fomorians, a race of monstrous giants who dwell in the dark places of the world.

Siar is one of the greatest kingdoms of the firbolg race in the Faerie realm. It is located on the western fringes of Faerie, with rolling hills, dense forests, and clear streams. Siar is a land of great beauty and magic, with a rich history and deep ties to the fey powers.

The firbolgs of Siar are a proud and noble people, known for their wisdom, strength, and courage. They are ruled by a pair of firbolg kings who have been blessed with the honor of riding with the Wild Hunt, the great fey host that roams the lands of Faerie.

Legend says that Siar was won from the Wild Hunt in ages past, in a display of might and courage that earned the firbolg race the undying respect of the great fey huntsmen. The Wild Hunt is a collaboration of the best hunters in the fae realm, led by the legendary figure of the Horned Hunter. It is said that those who ride with the Wild Hunt gain great power and knowledge, but also face great danger and risk losing themselves to the hunt forever.

Despite the danger, the firbolgs of Siar have formed a strong bond with the Wild Hunt, and their kings ride with them as honored members of the hunt. This has brought great prestige and power to Siar, as well as a deep connection to the magic and mystery of the Faerie realm.

In addition to their ties to the Wild Hunt, Siar also deals well with the Demesne Courts, the various factions of the fey realm that vie for power and influence. The firbolgs of Siar have formed alliances and friendships with many of the fey powers, and are respected and admired throughout the realm for their strength and wisdom. They are known for their skill in hunting, their knowledge of magic, and their unshakable courage in the face of danger.

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