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Shadukam “the City of Desire”

Dome Abu Dhabi Mosque Allah Arab  - Mariakray / Pixabay, Shadukam
Mariakray / Pixabay

Songs of the Sidhe by David Ross

Shadukam: Shadukam, called the City of Desire, holds several gates to the Realms Beyond and is a neutral ground for the Princes of Passion. The population, aside from peri’s and emotion fey, include many magical beasts and an infestation of pseudodragons and faerie dragons, all of whom are ruled by a peri pasha who was born of an azata.

This is a site of commerce between quite a few fey groups and their spiritual allies, including night hags, titans, azatas, agathions, and occasionally formians, rakshasas, or demons. There are also gates to Amberabad and a few other Faerie sites. The gates bring in many allies and servants who protect fey interests (usually where fey are weak, especially in the Realms Beyond) as well as allowing some spirits to hire fey aid. There are surprising numbers of outsider sages here, where the fey can take advantage of their differing perspectives for the right price.

Most of the trade in Shadukam is of services, but magic items are also important to its economy; many fey adore magic items in general, undead slayers like to trade for holy and disruption weapons from the celestial gates, and vile weapons from the Hag’s Gate are popular amongst certain Unseelie factions. The Hag’s Gate, main thoroughfare to the Realms Below, unfortunately opens to a place much disputed in Hades and is assaulted by divs with some regularity. At such times, the peri defenders are forced to fight and often call on powerful Faerie Knights or mortal adventurers to help, especially on the Hades side of the portal.

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