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Theodor Kittelsen – Skogtroll, 1906 (Forest Troll)

Although there are countless plants in Faerie, there are few plant Powers. Most plants either evolved on their own or were created by non-plant Powers. The exceptions are generally the most intelligent plants, such as myconids and treants.

As a result, plants are rarely intelligent enough for worship, much less inclined to it, although myconids and treants revere their patrons as great exemplars worth imitating. The distinct majority are like Psilofyr, patron of the myconids, who usually avoids the politics of those outside his fungoid realm. On the other hand, among the most powerful plant Powers is Emmantiensien, patron of the treants, who is a prominent courtier among the fey and wields the power of a True Seelie Archduke over memory and preservation.

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