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Although not well-connected, a few hot regions of the Badlands are known collectively as Peristan because they are inhabited by a surprising number of peris, fey of scent who are born from extraplanar spirits that became permanently integrated into the Mortal Coil. The regions of Peristan are centered around three cities: Amberabad, Gauherabad, and Shadukam. These are trade cities which succeed largely because their portals are unusually stable and produce little distortion in time when used – visitors usually lose no more than twice the time they experience passing.

Like all fey cities, those of Peristan are built as outgrowths of the natural beauty surrounding them. Living stone is carved, as if by wind, into countless unique alcoves perfect for habitation or shopkeeping with a few light touches. Paths meander but are broad enough to rarely be packed. Rainbows and auroras provide soft light like twilight to gently illuminate the night. Steam vents provide heat in the desert night and profusely overgrown springs provide water and shade in the searing day. The buildings and markets are verdant and impossible to distinguish from the oases at the heart of each city. Some are even built on living or mobile materials (including large, sleep-prone creatures) and may move around in unexpected ways. Although these are trade cities, most fey see little worth in coins except as worked metal, and so rarely wish to trade for large quantities of it. Barter for valuable items or services are the more common modes of trade in these places. Adventurers are advised to bring interesting magic items, unique art objects, or the willingness to spend time on potentially dangerous missions to pay for their purchases here. These places all sell exotic, magical flora and fauna, but amused mortals should be careful they do not purchase something beyond their skill to handle.

Peristan, By Edmund Dulac -[path]=items&search[text]=Edmund+Dulac, Public Domain,
By Edmund Dulac –[path]=items&search[text]=Edmund+Dulac, Public Domain,
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