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Creature Fabulous Legendary Animals  - V_M / Pixabay, MAGICAL BEAST POWERS
V_M / Pixabay

Literally or figuratively, most magical beast powers are simply very potent monsters, with their own personal goals and rivalries, and they interact with the races they represent only very loosely. As such, these beings are rarely worshiped by anyone. Though they may consider their race to be their spawn, they are generally distant and permissive parents.

Patrons of the unicorns, pegasi, giant eagles, thunderbirds, ki-rin, and other magical beasts reside in Faerie, but they tend to deal more with cosmic entities than with other primal powers. They usually associate only in passing with archfey aside from the Princes of Passion, but sometimes ally with specific Blood Courts, the Seelie Court, or the Unseelie Court.

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