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Faerie Shores

Faerie Shores
Faerie Shores – AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator

AreasĀ of land deeply entangled with the sea, as well as areas of sea which areĀ shallow and thereby entangled with land, attract many fey who reside furtherĀ inland or out to sea.

They are drawn there for socialization and to amuseĀ themselves in this liminal space, generally at dawn or dusk. Consequently,Ā this is a place home to especially social and outgoing fey. They also tendĀ to be politically unallied, and so none of the courts have especially strongĀ influence among them with the possible exception of the Court of Shores.Ā faerie dragonsĀ are particularlyĀ prominent here, and popular social fixtures among the more chaotic fey,Ā despite rarely lairing close to the sea.

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