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Seelie fey encourage others to help them by occasionally lavishing rewards upon those who do so, even if the help they gave was unintentional. Likewise, they often prefer to empower others to accomplish their goals, rather than doing the work themselves. Possible blessings include granting wishes, spell-like abilities, qualifying for feats such as Nymph’s Kiss, access to the Seelie’s unmatched healing arts, and other boons such as the sort granted by nymphs. Many fey prefer to offer blessings to long-term servants, but are more than happy to reward or encourage one-time help. Other courts also help in ways similar to the Seelie, but they are less prone to choose this route.


  1. Desperately afraid of evil mages intent on enslaving them, a small sisterhood of nymphsoffers their favor to whoever dares defy the powerful villains and save them.
  2. A branch of the Court of Coral is outmatched by their Unseelie foes after a bloody battle decimates their army, so as soon as they hear of the party’s accomplishments, they send an envoy to offer them a taste of the power of the sea, in the form of a limited wish, in exchange for service against the Unseelie Court.

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