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Food Drink Lodging

This page includes all manner of edible goods, beverages, foodstuffs, and eating utensils and such.

Food Drink Lodging, Beverages (Alcoholic)

Beverages (Alcoholic)
Ale (gallon)2 sp8 lbs.
Ale (mug)4 cp1 lb.
Ale, Dwarven Stout (mug)4 cp1/2 lb.
Ale, Luglurch (mug)4 sp1 lb.
Ale, Luglurch (gallon)1 gp8 lbs.
Caydenbrew (mug)5 cp1 lb.
Grog (mug)2 cp1 lb.
Grog (cup)1 cp1/2 lb.
Mead, Linnorm, (mug)5 cp1/2 lb.
Rumboozle (glass)1 sp1/2 lb.
Whiskey, Dragon Punch (cup)10 gp1/2 lb.
Whiskey, Oldlaw (cup)  
Wine common (pitcher)2 sp6 lbs.
Wine fine (bottle)10 gp1-1/2 lbs.
Wine, Corentyn  

Food Drink Lodging, Beverages (Nonalcoholic)

Beverages (Nonalcoholic)
Coffee, common (cup)1 cp1/2 lb.
Coffee, Mwangi (cup)3 cp1/2 lb.
Kahve (cup)2 cp1/2 lb.
Tea, common (cup)2 cp1/2 lb.
Tea, ceremonial (cup)4 cp1/2 lb.
Lisken’s Medicinal Tonic (cup)10 gp 


Food Drink Lodging
Medieval Food – AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator
Bread, loaf2 cp1/2 lb.
Cheese (hunk)1 sp1/2 lb.
Meal, Banquet (per person)10 gp
Meal, good (per day)5 sp
Meal, common (per day)3 sp
Meal, poor (per day)1 sp
Meat, chunk of3 sp1/2 lb.
Rations, Trail (per day)5 sp1 lb.1
Rations, Wandermeal (per serving)1 cp1/2 lb.
Troll Bite300 gp

Food Drink Lodging, Lodging

This includes the various services that may be obtained in settled areas.

Inn, good (per night)2 gp
Inn, common (per night)5 sp
Inn, poor (per night)2 sp
Food & Lodging (aka Monthly Cost of Living)
Destitute0 gp/month
Average10 gp/month
Wealthy100 gp/month
Extravagant1,000 gp/month
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