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Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005

A burnstrip is actually made up of two separate strips of material, one white and one black. Both are treated with a weak adhesive, but are otherwise inert until brought into contact with one another. Activating a is a simple process of placing one strip on a surface, then carefully placing the other strip on top of the first, starting the alchemical reaction. For one round, there is no apparent change. In the second round after the two strips are brought into contact, they begin to heat up dramatically, reaching the temperature of a burning torch. In the third round, the strip has become hot enough to melt and fuse steel. By the fourth round, the strip has burned itself completely out. They were originally created as a tool for rogues, allowing them to evade pursuit by literally welding doors shut behind them. In the many years since, however, they have been used for everything from an instrument of torture to a last-ditch but sure-fire means of starting a fire under nearly any circumstances.

Using a burnstrip in combat is very nearly impossible, given the way in which the alchemical strips are activated. However, the burnstrip can be applied to a helpless foe as easily as it can be applied to any other surface. If a burnstrip is placed on a person, it will do no damage the first round as it begins to heat. During the second round, it will deal 1d6 point of fire damage. During the third round, it will deal 4d6 points of fire damage before burning out.

The white and black strips of alchemical substance that make up the burnstrip are both extremely flexible, allowing them to be easily hidden in the hem of a garment, or even wrapped around an arm or a thigh. Burnstrips are sold in a two-chambered leather container, which keeps the white and black strips together but separate.

Burnstrip: 50 gp; 1lb.

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