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Son of Kong (1933)

Son of Kong (1933) on IMDb

What does he look like? Can he love? How does he feel toward the men who captured his father, Mighty King Kong?

(Print Ad- Greensburg Daily Tribune, ((Greensburg, Penna.)) 5 April 1934)

Son of Kong (also known as “The Son of Kong“) is a 1933 American Pre-Code adventure monster film produced by RKO Pictures. Directed by Ernest Schoedsack and featuring special effects by Buzz Gibson and Willis O’Brien, the film stars Robert ArmstrongHelen Mack and Frank Reicher. The film is the lesser-known sequel to King Kong and was released just nine months after its predecessor.

Son of Kong
This is a poster for Son of Kong.
The poster art copyright is believed to belong to the distributor of the film, RKO Radio Pictures, the publisher of the film or the graphic artist.
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