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Cozzilla (Italian Godzilla)

La più grande apocalisse della storia del cinema

In 1977, Italian filmmaker Luigi Cozzi released to Italian theaters a further modified and colorized version of Godzilla, King of the Monsters, with a soundtrack that used a magnetic tape process similar to Sensurround. Though the Italian colorized version was released as Godzilla, it is referred to by fans, and Cozzi himself, as Cozzilla. Cozzi coined the title Cozzilla as a pen-name when he was writing for magazines, and later adopted it as the production company name for re-releasing the film. According to Cozzi, Toho had licensed the colorized version to Turkey. Cozzi noted that his colorization was the first attempt at coloring a black-and-white film ever done

Theatrical poster for the 1977 Italian colorized release., Cozzilla
Theatrical poster for the 1977 Italian colorized release.
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