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 Friday the 13th
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Friday the 13th (1980)

On Friday The 13th, They Began To Die Horribly, One……By One

(UK – Theatrical Tagline)
Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th (1980) theatrical poster

Friday the 13th is a 1980 American slasher film produced and directed by Sean S. Cunningham, written by Victor Miller, and starring Betsy PalmerAdrienne KingHarry CrosbyLaurie BartramMark NelsonJeannine Taylor, Robbi Morgan, and Kevin Bacon. The film tells the story of a group of teenage camp counselors who are murdered one by one by an unknown killer while attempting to re-open an abandoned summer camp.

Prompted by the success of John Carpenter‘s Halloween (1978), director Cunningham put out an advertisement to sell the film in Variety in early 1979, while Miller was still drafting the screenplay. After casting the film in New York City, filming took place in New Jersey in the summer of 1979, on an estimated budget of $550,000. A bidding war ensued over the finished film, ending with Paramount Pictures acquiring the film for domestic distribution, while Warner Bros. secured European distribution rights.

Released in May 1980, Friday the 13th was a major box office success, grossing over $59.8 million worldwide. Critical response was divided, with some praising the film’s cinematography, score, and performances, while numerous others derided it for its depiction of graphic violence. Aside from being the first independent film of its kind to secure distribution in the U.S. by a major studio, its box office success led to a long series of sequelsa crossover with A Nightmare on Elm Street, and a 2009 series reboot.

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