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Nova (Frankie Raye)

Frankie Raye, Nova, By Source, Fair use,
By Source, Fair use,

Nova (Frankie Raye) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Frankie Raye was portrayed by Beau Garrett in the 2007 film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Originally Posted by Phaedros of the Dicefreaks forums.

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Frankie Raye, Nova
Medium Altered Human (Herald of Galactus)
Wounds: 144 WP Vitality: 675 VP (25d8+475)
Initiative: +41
Speed: 60 ft., fly 6,000,000,000 ft. (perfect)
AC: 63 (+17 Dex, +25 natural, +5 deflection, +6 speed), touch 38, flat-footed 40
Base Attack/Grapple: +25/+45
Attack: Plasma bolt +60 ranged touch (40d6) or slam +48 melee (4d6+26 plus 30d6 divine and fire)
Full Attack: 4 plasma bolts +58 ranged touch (40d6) or slam +48/+43/+38/+33 melee (4d6+26 plus 30d6 divine and fire)
Space/Reach: 5 ft. /5 ft.
Special Attacks: Energy control, plasma generation, plasma sheath
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 35/-, fast healing 10, gateways, immunity to acid, cold, disease, fire, poison, radiation, and sonic, power cosmic, resistance to disintegration, electricity, and force 50, SR/PR 35, superhuman reflexes, superspeed level 6, superstrength level 3
Saves: Fort +43, Ref +47, Will +29
Abilities: Str 45, Dex 44, Con 48, Int 16, Wis 20, Cha 20
Skills: Balance +23, Climb +27, Craft (chemical) +8, Computer Use +13, Jump +30, Knowledge (alien culture) +23, Knowledge (outer space) +31, Knowledge (technology) +18, Listen +43, Perform (dance) +15, Pilot +18, Ride +18, Search +25, Spot +53, Survival +33, Swim +23
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Greater Weapon Focus (bolt), Improved Initiative, Improved Rapid Shot, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot , Weapon Focus (bolt)
Epic Feats: Improved Combat Reflexes, Superior Initiative
Climate/Terrain: World Ship of Galactus
Organization: Solitary (unique), pair (with Galactus), or pair (with Silver Surfer)
Challenge Rating: 30
Treasure: None
Alignment: Lawful neutral

Cosmic Awareness: Nova did not possess true cosmic awareness but a lesser version as granted by her master. Nova was able to see up to 10 miles with ease, suffering no penalties within this range to spot checks. Nova also has full ability to see within darkness up to her full range of vision. She also received a +10 bonus on all Listen, Search, and Spot checks she makes.

Nova is also able to detect any source of energy within a 1000 miles radius. She can detect powerful energy sources (beings with energy powers that inflict 20d6+ damage) at a range of 50,000 miles.

Nova is also able to communicate with any creature with a language though an innate form of telepathy and language adaption.

Energy Control: Nova has shown the ability to control a number of energies. In the past she had proven to be able to manipulate charged particles, fire, gravity, heat, light, magnetism, radio waves, and radiation. She can manipulate these energies in virtually unlimited capacity including that which she generates. If someone else with energy control attempts to control the same energy as her they must make an opposed roll. (Nova checks on 1d20+30). Nova has performed a number of various tasks with her energy control a few samples are given. She may choose to have anyone touching energy she is controlling to take 20d6 damage of the appropriate type, or she may spare them completely.
-Form shields of energy which function as a divine shield which can withstand up to 800 points of damage before collapsing.
-Create solid energy structures which can function as hands, weapons, or cages.
-Cause others attacks of the controlled energy to miss completely or rebound back upon them.

Gateways: Nova is able to open special gateways at will allowing her to transverse large sections of space in moments. She may transverse 2d4 light years with each gateway opened through hyperspace. She will normally open multiple gateways and fly through them at her maximum speed. (99% of light speed)

Plasma Generation: Nova can generate bolts of cosmic energy from her hands or eyes. She can fire the up to a range of 500 miles with no range penalties as a touch attack. She inflicts 40d6 damage on a strike. Damage is considered half fire and half divine. She is able to change the fire damage to disintegration or radiation damage as a free action. She can control the direction of her beams mentally and reduces all cover bonus by 50%. She also receives a +10 on all to strike rolls. Nova may also affect an area with this blast, in which case it is a cone of the same range. It allows a Reflex save (DC 50) for half damage. Either function is an attack action.

Plasma Sheath: Nova’s golden body is constantly sheathed in cosmic energy replicating a living star. Anyone who makes contact with her against her will suffers 30d6 damage. Half is fire damage and half is considered divine damage. Any projectile fired at her must make a Fort save (DC 41) or be vaporized. She is able to change the fire damage to disintegration or radiation damage as a free action. She also adds his damage to any hand to hand damage she inflicts.

Power Cosmic: Nova has been imparted with incredible power by the Galactus. This manifests within the power cosmic he has granted her. Nova’s powers primarily revolve around her focus as a living star. She does have a number of other powers standard to all the Heralds though.
– Ability to survive in a vacuum, has no need for air, food, nor water. Nova does require sleep however to rest her mind which is still primarily human.
– +10 resistance bonus to all saves
– Can telepathically communicate with Galactus over virtually unlimited distance. This does not include across dimensions.
– When Nova is within 10,000 miles of any star or sun her fast healing becomes regeneration.
– Nova is immune to critical hits and sneak attacks as she possess no vital organs or bodily systems

Superhuman Reflexes: Nova possesses reflexes far beyond that of even those who possess superhuman speed. She is able to react in an instant with deadly results.
– Nova may attempt a reflex save against any attack that allows a save for half damage. If successful she suffers no damage and if she fails she suffers half damage.
– +10 bonus to initiative.

Superspeed Level 6: The following benefits are provided from superspeed level 6:
+6 speed bonus to AC, attack, initiative, and Reflex saves.
+3 speed bonus to damage rolls.

Nova may make 6 swift actions in a round.
Nova reduces the amount of time to complete an action by 1 step, allowing her to take full-round actions a standard actions.

Characters with less than superspeed level 3 are considered flat-footed for the purposes of Nova’s attacks. Characters with uncanny dodge have an effective superspeed level equal to their Dexterity modifier for this purpose.

Superstrength Level 3: Nova is not the strongest of the Heralds of Galactus, but she still possesses massive superhuman strength. She can lift x8 what his strength score indicates. She also inflicts 3d6 with a slam attack in slugfest combat.
+6 bonus on melee combat damage.
+3 bonus on grapple and bull rush attempts.

Possessions: None.

Written by Bane.

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