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Sinestro of Korugar

The fictional character Sinestro, in promotional art released by DC Comics for Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1. Art by Ethan Van Sciver., Sinestro
The fictional character Sinestro, in promotional art released by DC Comics for Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1. Art by Ethan Van Sciver.

Sinestro is a fictional alien supervillain in the DC Comics Universe. Created by John Broome and Gil Kane, Sinestro is the mentor and arch-nemesis of the superhero Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Sinestro first appears in Green Lantern (2nd series) #7 (July-August 1961).


A native of the planet Korugar, Sinestro was initially considered to be one of the greatest Green Lanterns, but as the years passed, he became more and more fixated not simply on protecting the magenta-skinned Korugarians, but on preserving order in their society. Eventually he concluded that the best way to accomplish this was to conquer them, and to rule the planet as a dictator.

When Hal Jordan joined the Corps, Sinestro was assigned to be his instructor. Jordan was horrified at the way Sinestro ruled his people like a dictator, though Sinestro maintained that his iron-fisted rule was necessary to protect his people from alien forces. As such, while repelling the alien warlords known as the Khunds from attacking the planet, that the Korugarians rebelled. When Jordan called for help from the other Green Lanterns, Sinestro’s dictatorship was exposed and he was forced before the Guardians for punishment. Sinestro’s Green Lantern Ring was given to Katma Tui, the leader of the rebellion who had felt that Sinestro’s “protection” kept his people from growing as a society through contact with other alien races.

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Sinestro of Korugar
Medium outsider (Lawful, negative)
Wounds118 WP, 228 VP (24d8+96)
Speed30 ft.,fly 300 ft. (perfect)
Armor class34 (+4 Dexterity, +20 deflection), touch 34, flat-footed 30
Base attack / Grapple+18/+21
AttackUnarmed strike +29 melee (1d6 + 10 plus 3d6 force) or ring blast +29 ranged touch
Full attackUnarmed strike +29/+24/+19/+14 melee (1d6 + 10 plus 3d6 force) or ring blast +29/+24/+19/+14 ranged touch
Face/Reach5 ft./5 ft.
Special attacksYellow power ring
Special qualitiesFearless, ring talents
SavesFort +38, Ref +38, Will +41
AbilitiesStrength 16, Dexterity 18, Constitution 18, Intelligence 17, Wisdom 13, Charisma 25
SkillsBluff +27, Concentration +44 (ring +58), Craft (visual art) +30, Diplomacy +24, Gather Information +22, Intimidate +39, Knowledge (behavioral sciences) +20, Knowledge (civics) +18, Knowledge (earth and life science) +15, Knowledge (tactics) +23, Listen +17, Navigate +30, Sense Motive +28, Spot +21, Treat Injury +13
FeatsBrawlImproved InitiativeIron WillForce of PersonalityFly-by AttackSkill Focus (Concentration ), Skill Focus (Intimidate)
Epic FeatsEpic Skill Focus (Concentration ), Epic Will
Climate/terrainQward or Outer Space
OrganizationSolitary (unique)
Challenge rating40
TreasurePower ring
AlignmentLawful Evil

Fearless: Sinestro is immune to fear.

Ring Talents

Sinestro is skilled with all aspects of the ring. He gains a +5 bonus to Concentration checks to activate it. (Included in the stat block) Sinestro does
not have any overt weaknesses in his mastery of the ring.

Yellow Power Ring

One of the most powerful weapons in the known universe, Sinestro’s ring is limited only by its user’s force of will. Below are listed some of the more common uses of the ring, however this does not begin to cover all the possibilities.

The ring is powered by a Concentration check using the wielder’s Charisma modifier rather than Constitution. Any feats that modify the wielder’s Will save also add their bonus to this Concentration check. Sinestro may take 10 on a Concentration check to wield the ring, even under stressful situations.

The following effects are always active as long as the ring is worn around the finger:

  • +20 deflection bonus to armor class
  • +20 bonus to saves
  • +100 wound points
  • fly speed 300 ft. (perfect)
  • 95% fortification
  • Disguise Self at will
  • find the path (in regards to other Green Lantern rings and energy signatures) at will
  • tongues at will
  • The wielder adds his Charisma modifier to all attack and damage rolls.
  • Unarmed strikes can deal lethal or nonlethal damage, and deal +3d6 force damage.

Artificial Intelligence

 The ring possesses vast knowledge of the cosmos, which can be accessed by Sinestro. The ring makes all Knowledge checks with a +25 modifier. It also can provide a +20 competence bonus to all non-Knowledge mental skill checks as a swift action. (Except Concentration checks to use the ring)

The ring’s artificial intelligence automatically acts to preserve Sinestro’s life. Should he suffer enough damage to bring him to 0 WP, the ring immediately converts the damage into nonlethal and teleports him (as by a planeshift effect) to the Anti-Matter Universe of Qward.

constructThe ring forms a energy construct based around Sinestro’s choosing.

This construct may be in the form of any creature. (See “Creating a Green Lantern Ring construct”) He must partially concentrate on these constructs to keep them active. Sinestro suffers a -2 penalty to his Concentration checks while he has a construct active. He can create numerous constructs, although successive creations will obviously be weaker than the first. Alternatively, he may attempt to create more than one construct at a time, but he suffers a -1 cumulative penalty to his Concentration checks for each construct beyond the first created at one time. Creating a construct is a standard action.

Increase Ability:  Sinestro may draw upon the ring to further increase his powers beyond that which it already grants him. He may gain one half his Concentration check as a bonus to an ability score, attack rolls, damage, or saves. This ability is mildly taxing to maintain, so he suffers a -2 penalty to Concentration checks while it is active. Increasing an ability is a swift action.

Ring Blast: The ring fires a powerful blast of energy. This blast is a ray with a range equal to the Concentration check x10 feet. The blast deals one half the Concentration check d6 damage. This damage may be of any type Sinestro chooses, although force is the default. By taking a -20 penalty to the Concentration check, the ring may deal cosmic damage with this blast.

Sinestro may also attempt to affect an area with this blast, in which case it is a cone with a size equal to the Concentration check x 5 feet. It allows a
Reflex save (DC 15+ ½ Concentration check) for half damage. Either function is an attack action.


The ring puts up a personal barrier that absorbs all attacks, energy and spells. The shield can withstand damage equal to the Concentration check x10. Sinestro must concentrate on the shield in order for it to stay active. He suffers a -10 penalty to all other Concentration checks with the ring while the shield is active. He can also create an area shield. The shield has a square area of 10 feet x Concentration check, although this total area can be shaped as he sees fit. Additionally, Sinestro may double the area, at the cost of halving the total damage absorbed by the shield. Creating a shield is a standard action.


The ring can be used to increase speed. Sinestro may gain a temporary Super Speed level equal to one fifth of his Concentration check.

Super speed is hard to maintain, he suffers a -10 penalty to all other Concentration checks while he is under the effects of super speed. Activating Speed is a swift action.

A less taxing but similar usage of the ring merely increases the bearer’s movement rate. Sinestro multiplies his movement rate by the result of his Concentration check. This is easier to maintain, so he only suffers a -2 penalty to other Concentration checks while making use of this power.

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