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Monarch, Hank Hall

Monarch, By Apparent scan made by the original uploader User:Basique., Fair use,
By Apparent scan made by the original uploader User:Basique., Fair use,

Monarch is the name of three fictional DC Comics supervillains. The first Monarch is Hank Hall, formerly Hawk, who later renames himself Extant for the Zero Hour: Crisis in Time! crossover event. The second Monarch is Nathaniel Adam, a U.S. Air Force Captain. The third Monarch is Captain Atom, a former superhero retroactively revealed to be a “quantum field” duplicate of Nathaniel Adam. Monarch was created by Archie GoodwinDenny O’Neil, and Dan Jurgens and first appeared in Armageddon 2001 #1, cover-dated October (1991).

Hank Hall

Monarch is an oppressive tyrant from a bleak, dystopian Earth fifty years in the future. The people are unhappy with his rule, particularly a scientist named Matthew Ryder, an expert on temporal studies, who is convinced he can use his technology to travel back in time and prevent the maniacal ruler from ever coming to power. He learns that forty years ago, one of Earth’s heroes eventually turned evil and became Monarch, and ten years from that he conquered the world.

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On this Thread

Hank Hall, Monarch
Medium outsider (Augmented
humanoid, Chaotic)
Wounds56 WP, 351 VP (20d8+260)
Speed60 ft., fly 60 ft. (average)
AC28 (+6 Dexterity, +10 natural, +2 speed) touch 18, flat footed 20
Base Attack/Grapple+20/+48
AttackSlam +40 melee (2d8 + 21) or stun blast +26 ranged touch (2d6 plus effect)
Full Attack2 slams +40 melee (2d8 + 21) or stun blast +26 ranged touch (2d6 plus effect)
Space/Reach5 ft. /5 ft.
Special AttacksArmor, ferocity
Special QualitiesDamage reduction 25/epic, damage reduction 15/-, fast healing 5, fortification 95%, immunities, resistance to energy (all) 100, Spell Resistance 30, superspeed, superstrength
SavesFort +31, Ref +26, Will +22
AbilitiesStrength 42, Dexterity 23, Constitution 36, Intelligence 18, Wisdom 18, Charisma 16
SkillsClimb +34, Intimidate +26, Jump +34, Knowledge (civics) +22, Knowledge (current events) +13 Knowledge (popular culture) +13, Listen +22, Spot +22, Survival +22, Swim +34, Tumble +24
FeatsBrawl, Combat Reflexes, Improved Brawl, Improved Bullrush, Improved Grapple, Improved Sunder, Improved Toughness, Power Attack
Climate/TerrainWashington DC
OrganizationSolitary (Unique)
Challenge Rating30
AlignmentLawful Evil

Armor: The battle armor of the Monarch is a terrifying array of technology that enhances Hank’s already formidable prowess. It provides the following.

Damage Absorption: After damage reduction or energy resistance, one half of any damage dealt to Monarch is instead dealt to the armor. The armor possesses 800 hit points. For every 150 hit points dealt to the armor, a random quality (chosen from electrocution, energy blast, forcefield, stunbeam, teleportation) is lost until the armor is repaired. When not in combat, the armor regains hit points at the rate of 1 per round. At 0 hit points, the armor is destroyed and none of its qualities function until it is repaired.

Damage Reduction: damage reduction 15/-

Electrocution: If grappled or bullrushed, the armor automatically deals 20d6 points of electricity damage to the attacker. (No save) If struck by a natural weapon, the armor deals 1d6 points of electricity damage to the attacker. (No save)

Energy Blast: 50 foot cone, 20d6 points of fire and electricity damage, and 5d6 points of Constitution (radiation) damage. Fortitude DC 30 negates radiation damage. Reflex DC 30 halves all damage.

Energy Resistance: Monarch is resistant to all forms of energy, including acid, cold, disintegration, electricity, fire, force, quantum, radiation, and sonic.

Forcefield: As a free action, Monarch is surrounded by an energy field that blocks 100 points of incoming damage. If overridden, he cannot activate another one for 1d4 rounds.

Fortification: The Monarch armor negates 95% of critical hits.

Immunities: The armor protects Monarch from ability damage, ability drain, energy drain and mind affecting attacks.

Powerful Build: The armor allows Monarch to be treated as a Large creature for the purposes of lifting, bull rush attacks, grapple checks, and any other situations where it is beneficial to be larger.

Saving Throws: The armor provides Monarch with a +6 bonus on all saving throws.

Stun Beam: Ranged touch attack. 2d6 force damage. Fortitude DC 30. Failure means paralyzed for 1d10 minutes, success means stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Teleport: As a move action, Monarch may teleport anywhere within a 24,000 mile range.

Ferocity: Hank gains a +3 damage bonus for every -1 penalty he takes from Power Attack.

Superspeed level 2: The following benefits are provided from Superspeed Level 2:

  • +2 speed bonus to AC, initiative, and Reflex saves
  • +2 speed bonus to attack rolls
  • +1 speed bonus to damage rolls
  • Hank may make 2 additional swift actions in a round.
  • Hank reduces the amount of time to complete an action by 1 step, allowing him to take full round actions as standard actions and so on.
  • When using the run action, Hank moves five times his movement rate (300 feet)

Superstrength Level 2:

  • +4 melee damage bonus
  • +2 bonus on grapple and bull rush checks.
  • Lift capacity x4
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