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Karen Starr, Power Girl

By, Fair use,, Power Girl
By, Fair use,

Power Girl, also known as Kara Zor-L and Karen Starr, is a DC Comics superheroine, making her first appearance in All Star Comics #58 (January/February 1976). Power Girl is the cousin of DC’s flagship hero Superman, but from an alternate universe in the fictional multiverse in which DC Comics stories are set. Originally hailing from the world of Earth-Two, first envisioned as the home of DC’s wartime heroes as published in 1940s comic books, Power Girl becomes stranded in the main universe where DC stories are set, and becomes acquainted with that world’s Superman and her own counterpart, Supergirl.

In common with Supergirl’s origin story, she is the daughter of Superman’s aunt and uncle and a native of the planet Krypton. The infant Power Girl’s parents enabled her to escape the destruction of her home planet by placing her in a rocket ship. Although she left the planet at the same time that Superman did, her ship took much longer to reach Earth-Two. On Earth, as with other Kryptonians, Power Girl discovered she possessed abilities like super strength, flight, and heat vision, using which she became a protector of innocents and a hero for humanity. Though the specifics of how vary over subsequent retellings, Power Girl is later stranded on another Earth when a cosmic crisis affects her home of Earth-Two, and later carves out a separate identity for herself from her dimensional counterpart Supergirl once they are forced to coexist.

Though they are biologically the same person, Power Girl behaves as an older, more mature, and more level-headed version of Supergirl, with a more aggressive fighting style. She also adopts a different secret identity from her counterpart. These changes are reflected in their differing costumes and superhero names as well; Power Girl sports a bob of blond hair; wears a distinctive white, red, and blue costume with a cleavage-displaying cutout. The name Power Girl reflects that she chooses not to be seen as a derivative of Superman, but rather her own hero and this choice is reflected in the strong independent attitude of the character. Over various decades, Power Girl has been depicted as a member of superhero teams such as the Justice Society of AmericaInfinity, Inc.Justice League Europe, and the Birds of Prey.

Power Girl’s origin has gone through revisions, but over time has reverted to her original conception as the Supergirl of Earth-Two. The 1985 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths eliminated Earth-Two from history, causing her to be retconned as the granddaughter of an Atlantean sorcerer known as Arion. This was an unpopular change and writers depicted the revised Power Girl inconsistently. The 2005–2006 Infinite Crisis limited series then restored her status as a refugee from the Krypton of the destroyed Pre-Crisis Earth-Two universe. Following DC’s 2011 “Flashpoint” storyline and New 52 reboot, Power Girl’s origin was retold as the Supergirl of “Earth 2”, cousin and adopted daughter of Superman, who during evil Fourth World New God Darkseid‘s invasion of Earth 2 becomes stranded in the main continuity of Earth 0, subsequently adopting the name Power Girl to hide her true identity. She returned to her source Earth in the story Earth 2: World’s End (2014–2015).

Karen Starr, Power Girl
Medium Outsider

 98 WP, 408 VP (16d8+320)
Initiative: +13
Speed: 300 ft., fly 600 ft. (good)
AC: 29 (+3 Dex, +6 natural, +10 speed) touch 23, flat-footed 16
Base Attack/Grapple: +16/+50
Attack: Slam +46 melee (4d6 + 35)
Full Attack: 2 slams +46 melee (4d6 + 35)
Space/Reach: 5 ft. /5 ft.
Special Attacks: Heat vision, overwhelming blow
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 40/magic, kryptonite vulnerability, resistance to energy (acid, cold, disintigration, fire) 40, resistance to energy (radiation, sonic) 20, super senses, superspeed level 10, superstrength level 5, X-ray vision
Saves: Fort +29, Ref +23, Will +11
Abilities: Str 50, Dex 16, Con 49, Int 13, Wis 9, Cha 19
Skills: Balance +15, Bluff +23, Computer Use +19, Diplomacy +16, Intimidate +23, Knowledge (arcane lore) +8, Knowledge (business) +6, Knowledge (current events) +9, Knowledge (popular culture) +15, Listen +30, Research +6, Spot +30, Survival +9, Swim +39
Feats: Flyby Attack, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Grapple, Improved Sunder, Iron Will, Power Attack
Climate/Terrain: U.S.A.
Organization: Solitary (unique)
Challenge Rating: 30
Treasure: None
Alignment: Chaotic good

Heat Vision (Ex): Once per round as a full round action, Kara may fire a blast of extreme heat from her eyes. This deals 15d6 points of fire damage and requires a ranged touch attack to connect.

Kryptonite Vulnerability (Ex): Kryptonite from Earth-2 would affect Kara in a manner identical to Kal-El, however since Earth-2 no longer exists, she is for all intents and purposes, immune to it.

Super Senses (Ex): Kara can see and hear at a distance far beyond that of a human being. She suffers distance penalties of -1 per mile instead of 1 per 10 feet. Unlike Kal-El, Kara has not developed the level of control required to extend her senses beyond this.
By focusing her sight as a swift action, Kara may see through solid material. This power is blocked by lead.
Kara has darkvision and low light vision.

Superspeed Level 10 (Ex):
+10 speed bonus to AC, initiative, and Reflex saves
+10 speed bonus to attack rolls
+5 speed bonus to melee damage rolls

Kara may make 10 swift actions in a round.
Kara reduces the amount of time to complete an action by 2 steps, allowing her to take full-round actions as move actions and move actions as immediate actions.

Characters with less than superspeed level 5 are considered flat-footed for the purposes of Kara’s attacks. Characters with uncanny dodge have an effective superspeed level equal to their Dexterity modifier for this purpose.

When using the run action, Kara moves 20 times her movement rate (6,000 feet; fly 18,000 feet)

Unlike Speed Force users, Power Girl does not have access to the Push.

Superstrength Level 5 (Ex):
+10 melee damage bonus.
+5 bonus on grapple and bull rush checks.
Lift capacity x32.

Skills: Kara has a +20 racial bonus on Listen and Spot checks. Kara has a +10 malumptious bonus on all Charisma based skill checks with males.

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