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Textless cover of Secret Six #15 (January 2010)
Art by Daniel LuVisi

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Deadshot (real name Floyd Lawton) is a fictional character, a supervillain in the DC Universe and an enemy of Batman.

Fictional character biography

Within the DC Comics universe, Deadshot is often a hired assassin, regularly boasting to “never miss.” He is capable of using a large variety of weapons, but prefers using a pair of silenced, wrist-mounted guns. He initially appeared in Gotham City as a new crimefighter, but was revealed to be an enemy of Batman when he attempted to replace the Dark Knight. He was sent to jail when Batman and Commissioner Gordon publicly exposed his plot to become the king of Gotham’s underworld.

After serving his term, Deadshot began hiring his services out as an assassin, changing his costume from the top coat and tails he previously wore to his now more familiar red jumpsuit and distinctive metal face plate with a targeting device on the right side. He has been a major figure in the Suicide Squad in its latest two incarnations, where his skills as a marksman and his disregard for human life served to greatly further the group’s objectives.

Probably his most peculiar trait is a great desire to die in a spectacular fashion, this being his primary motivation for joining the Squad. He feels he has no reason to continue living, and, while he does not want to commit suicide, he simply does not care if he dies. Various reasons have been cited for this, but the most common thread in them is his parents’ peculiar hatred for one another, so much so that Lawton’s mother tried to hire both her sons to kill their father. In the first Deadshot mini-series, it is explained that Floyd idolized his brother. His mother convinced his brother to kill their father. His brother locked Floyd outside, but Floyd, wishing to save his brother from a grim future, took a rifle to shoot the gun out of his brother’s hand. He was sitting in the tree branch when it broke and Floyd accidentally shot his brother in the head. Lawton inadvertently kills the brother he loves to save the father he hated.

On the Job with the Squad

Deadshot almost got his wish to die when he confronted a Senator who was threatening to expose the Suicide Squad to the world. He killed the man and was gunned down by the police on the very steps of the Lincoln Memorial. This incident displayed Deadshot’s painfully literal sense of logic. Having been ordered to stop his immediate superior from assassinating the senator, when Rick Flagg was undergoing a nervous breakdown, he killed the senator himself, citing his orders as “Stop Flagg from killing the Senator. Exact words.” He survived his wounds, to continue on with the Squad.

Lawton’s uniform was stolen by an airport employee, who used it to commit many crimes and murders. Lawton was forced to kill the man with a bullet to the head. The shooting of his own ‘image’ affected him greatly. For a while, he did not even fix the hole in his own uniform. While the suit had been lost, Lawton had threatened to kill who he thought had been responsible, his teammate Captain Boomerang.

During his last mission for the Suicide Squad, Count Vertigo asked Deadshot if he would kill him if asked. Deadshot agreed and the two went off to a secluded area for the decision. Vertigo declined, a decision Deadshot accepted with no argument.

After being affected by the supernatural entity Neron during the Underworld Unleashed storyline, Deadshot decided to kill a kindergarten class via a large explosion. An incarnation of the Justice League stopped him.

Around this time, Deadshot traveled overseas to kill the Pope himself. He was stopped at the last moment by Wonder Woman.


A second mini-series was released in 2005, in which Deadshot discovered he had a daughter, Zoe, who was being raised in a crime-filled area of Star City. Lawton decided to do right by this daughter, and embarks on a lethal war on the local gangs that plague the area. The series ends with Deadshot faking his death, having realized a normal life isn’t for him, but having mostly cleared up the area and having convinced Green Arrow to patrol it more regularly.

Secret Six

Deadshot was featured in the Infinite Crisis storyline comic book Villains United. The Secret Six were banded together by a mysterious, shrouded character named Mockingbird (who was actually Lex Luthor) who offered a major reward for committing to the team and a severe punishment for not accepting membership. Deadshot was offered the reward of ruling North America; his punishment was to be the destruction of the neighborhood of his daughter and his daughter’s mother. At the end of the mini-series, a stalemate was reached and Deadshot’s status remains roughly unchanged from the end of his second mini-series. He remains a part of The Secret Six and was shown having reached a grudging friendship with another member, Catman. His share of the payment for the Six’s mercenary work is stated to be sent in its entirety to his daughter and her mother. After the Six disbanded, Knockout commented in passing that he had returned to the Suicide Squad.


Deadshot and the Suicide Squad are featuring in Countdown, rounding up supervillains for removal. The group has encountered Pied Piper and Trickster several times, and each time failed to capture them. In Countdown To Final Crisis #24 Deadshot made a solo effort to capture them, but the pair again eluded him. In issue 22, Deadshot (breaking orders from Amanda Waller and Suicide Squad protocol) attacks Piper and Trickster on a train outside of the Rocky Mountains. Given that the supervillains are aware of Project Salvation (Salvation Run), Deadshot apparently kills The Trickster leaving Pied Piper on his own. In Salvation Run #2, Deadshot was tricked and sent off to the prison planet along with the last batch of criminals. Rick Flag Jr. stated to him as the Boom Tube closes that he can’t have people like him on Earth. Deadshot vowed that if he ever returns to Earth, he will take his revenge on Rick, after helping fight off the Parademon invasion he manages to escape with the surviving villains in the teleportation machine.


Deadshot is portrayed as having a twisted code of ethics; as long as he’s been paid for an accepted hit-job, he will always carry it out – no exceptions. Batman was unable to get him to stop threatening a witness (who refused to testify as long as Deadshot was waiting to kill him if he did) by threatening Deadshot or his family (Deadshot rightly assumed that Batman was bluffing). However, Batman ultimately did get Deadshot to abort the hit – by “freezing” the bank accounts of the one who had hired Deadshot. Unable to get paid, Deadshot publicly canceled the assassination, letting the witness go free.

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On this Thread

Floyd Lawton, Deadshot
Medium-Sized humanoid
Wounds21 WP, 152 VP (16d8+64)
Speed30 ft.
Armor Class18 (+4 defense, +4 Dexterity), touch 14 , flat-footed
Base attack
/ Grapple
AttackColt +30 melee (3d6/17-20/x2) or unarmed strike +20 melee (1d6+3, nonlethal)
Full attackColt +28/+23/+18/+13 ranged (3d6/17-20/x2) and Colt +28/+23/+18 ranged (3d6/17-20/x2) or unarmed strike +20/+15/+10/+5 melee (1d6+3, nonlethal)
Face/Reach5 ft./5 ft.
Special attacksSneak attack +4d6
Special qualitiesDefensive roll, evasion, master marksman, mettle of fortitude, survivor
SavesFort +11, Ref +14, Will +12
AbilitiesStrength 16, Dexterity 19, Constitution 18, Intelligence 15, Wisdom 17, Charisma 17
SkillsBluff +11, Craft (firearms) +15, Diplomacy +7, Escape Artist +15, Gamble +8, Gather Information +15, Hide +16, Intimidate +19, Knowledge (streetwise) +14, Knowledge (tactics) +8, Listen +13, Move Silently +16, Search +12, Sense Motive +15, Sleight of Hand +6, Spot +21, Survival +3 (+5 tracking), Rope Use+5 (+7 bindings)
FeatsBrawl, Burst Fire, Far shot, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Critical (Firearms), Improved Initiative, Improved
Two Weapon fighting
, Iron Will, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot, Strafe, Telling Blow, Two weapon fighting
OrganizationSolitary or with the Secret Six
AlignmentLawful Evil

Master Marksman (Ex): Deadshot is one of the best marksmen of the world, reputed to never miss.

  • -Full base attack bonus
  • fighter bonus feats,
  • -4+Intelligence skill points per level
  • -+10 bonus to attack rolls with any gun.
  • -Any gun wielded by Deadshot is considered to be one size category larger for the purpose of damage dice.
  • -Sneak attack +4d6
  • -Deadshot doubles the threat range of any gun he uses
  • -Deadshot does not provoke an attack of opportunity from using a gun when threatened in melee
  • -Deadshot is proficient with all firearms known to mankind.

Survivor (Ex): While no particulary cowardly, Deadshot is highly adept at keeping himself alive and has proven to be very hard to kill: He also possess a strong wish to die in a spectacular way.

  • -+3 bonus wound points
  • -Light Defense
  • -Good Reflex saves
  • -Medium Fortitude and Will saves
  • -Deadshot is immune to fear effects and gains a +2 bonus on saves against other mind-affecting effects.
  • -Defensive Roll
  • -Evasion
  • -Mettle of Fortitude


Deadshot favors a pair of modified, high quality Colt guns strapped to his forearms as weapons. These light ranged weapons deal a base damage of 2d6 points of damage, have a range increment of 60 ft and have a +3 bonus to attack rolls. They deal double damage on a critical hit. Deadshot is proficient in their use, but they are exotic weapons for anyone else. Each colt holds 20 shots and realoading it is a move action that doesn’t provokes and attack of opportunity. They have semiautomatic and automatic settings.

His mask also has a detailed targeting aid that grants Deadshot a +2 bonus to ranged attack rolls to confirm a critical hit. If he takes a move action to aim a single shot, as a Standard action, the bonus is increased to +10

His suit provides him with the very important ability of not being naked.

Created by Lord-Masker

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