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Ogham – the Language of the druids

Sorceress Spell Magic Grimoire  - darksouls1 / Pixabay, Ogham
darksouls1 / Pixabay

Though the language of Ogham can be used to speak about or write down anything that any normal language can be used for, it does also have a magical property.

The language of Ogham can be used to record spells, to scribe scrolls and to write trigger words or guidelines on magic items. For this reason, any druid who desires to do so can incorporate a restriction into any magic item he or she creates with the spell-completion or spell-trigger activation that only characters with knowledge of Ogham will be able to use the item.

Though it is impossible to incorporate this restriction in a command activated item, the command word can be written on the item, allowing druids be immediately able to use it while others will need to use magic to discover the word – which itself will be Ogham.

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