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Barbarian Exslave

Barbarian, Exslave
(1864-1910). Slave Trade in Early Medieval Eastern Europe. 

To be a slave is the worst of human conditions. Enthralled to a master of another race, the slave’s will is not his own. Slaves feel the whip, the weight of chains and hard physical labour for the sum of their lives. They are the ultimate victims of civilisation’s vices. The slave barbarian has been so all his life and is finally free.

The Quintessential Barbarian

Author Robert Schwalb

Series Quintessential Series

Publisher Mongoose Publishing

Publish date 2003

Many abolitionists purchase individuals to set them free. Others do so through their own volition, maybe killing their masters in the process. Even free, the slave is always looking over his shoulder, waiting for the cruel lash of the whip, cringing at the sound of chains. In a sense, he is never truly free for he will forever feel the burden in his dreams.

Adventuring: An ex-slave is always on the run from those who would return him to his sorry state. While he is deficient in martial skills, he has grown powerful from the continuous and brutal labour he endured. Through his veins run the fires of hatred, which overtake him when in combat. If he is an escapee, his once-captors always hunt for him, never being truly free from the depredations of his past. Thus, he will constantly be on the move, trying to escape the cold iron of the manacles forever.

Role-playing: After years of slavery, the ex-slave’s natural tendency is subservience. He will act on almost any suggestion as though it was a command. He seems not to have a will of his own. However, these reactions are unconscious. Deep within him is a core of iron, a secret reservoir of will, reminding him he is a person, having an identity although he does not yet know what it is. When enraged, he perceives everyone as a threat, all in service to his former masters. His perception drives him relentlessly in pursuit of their destruction.

Benefits: At 1st level, the ex-slave determines the species that held him in captivity. Against members of this race, he receives a +1 bonus per level to damage (to a maximum of +5). He must be specific as to who held him as a slave. For example, he could not simply say humanoids. Nor could he say Aberrations. He would have to specify either humans or beholders respectively. Creatures immune to critical hits are immune to this bonus to damage. In addition, ex-slaves gain the Iron Will feat as a bonus feat at 1st level.

Penalties: Ex-slaves do not have the martial training other barbarians enjoy. Consequently, ex-slaves are only proficient in simple weapons and no armour. In addition, ex-slaves only start with 1d4 x 10 gold pieces to spend on equipment.

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