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Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) Title: Old man with ivy wreath and lion’s head Date between 1503 and 1505

There is no doubt that the most powerful and influential Duke of Hell is Martinet, the Constable of Nessus and the Voice of Asmodeus. There is also little doubt that he is the single most despised Courtier of Perdition and that many, particularly the Lords of the Nine, eagerly anticipate the day that his favor before the eyes of The Overlord dims.

The Gates of Hell (Dice Freaks)

Grimoire of Cosmic Entities Volume One By Eli Atkinson, William Church and Serge W. Desir, Jr.

Original Concept by Serge W. Desir, Jr.

Full netbook can be found on the following website

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Fortunately for Martinet, he is well aware of the fine line he walks and he revels in it, knowing full well that Asmodeus is not prone to flippancy or sudden change and that, so long as he stays absolutely loyal to The Overlord – or at least, as loyal an appearance as necessary – he will be able to continue behaving as if he were an equal to the Lords of Hell.

Martinet is one of the oldest Dukes and many suspect that he may even be one of the first pit fiends. His name has been found in texts and grimoires that date back to the Days of Antiquity when Lucifer the Satan ruled Hell and there were few fallen angels in Perdition. Indeed, he was even then on the Court of Light, a mid-level pit fiend who had risen in station due to his gilded tongue and his unswerving loyalty to Lucifer. But, Martinet was, as he is now, loyal only to Martinet and Hell. When it became apparent that Lucifer’s almost personal war with the Realms Above and the rest of the Cosmos could bring ruin to Hell, Martinet was among the first to join with the conspiracy led by a relatively unknown arch-devil called Asmodeus. Martinet became Asmodeus‘ right hand throughout the conspiracy and the subsequent coup. It is said that when Lucifer spied Martinet among the conspirators just before his fateful and final confrontation with Asmodeus that he was struck speechless at the presence of his most loyal servant among traitors. For his dedication to Hell and Asmodeus, the new Overlord promptly promoted him to Duke of Hell status and named him the Constable of Nessus.

MARTINET, Constable of Nessus
Duke of Hell
Medium outsider (Devil, Evil, Extraplanar, Lawful)
SymbolA small red pentagram within a large black, inverted triangle surrounded by a red circle
Cleric 29/Hierophant 5
Hit Dice54d8 + 528 (960 hp)
Speed50 ft., Fly 70 ft. (average)
Armor Class58 (+6 armor, +6 deflection, +10 Dexterity, +21 natural, +3 profane), touch 25, flat-footed 44
Base Attack/Grapple+37/+42
AttackThe Black Baton +49 melee (1d8+11 + 2d6 (lawful) + 2d6 (unholy); or claw +42 (1d10 + 5)
Full AttackThe Black Baton +49/+44/+39/+34 melee (1d8+11 + 2d6 (lawful) + 2d6 (unholy); or 2 claws +42 (1d10 + 5), 2 wings +37 melee (1d8 + 2), and tail slap +37 melee (1d10 + 2)
Space/Reach5 ft./5 ft.
Special AttacksBlast infidel, call devils, Constable of Hell, Infernal Presence, rebuke undead or outsiders 13/day (+10 to checks), spell-like abilities, spells
Special QualitiesDamage reduction 20/good and silver, Darkvision 60 ft., divine reach, Duke of Hell qualities, immunity to fire and poison, Infernal Ambassador, Infernal Diplomat, mastery of energy, regeneration 7, resistance to acid 20 and cold 20, see in darkness, Spell Resistance 52, telepathy 500 ft.
SavesFort +42, Ref +45, Will +50
AbilitiesStrength 21, Dexterity 30, Constitution 24, Intelligence 28, Wisdom 36, Charisma 31
SkillsBalance +12, Bluff +48, Climb +26, Concentration +59, Diplomacy +67 (+73 with evil beings), Disguise+33 (+37 in character), Gather Information+50, Heal +18, Hide +31, Intimidate +37 (+43 against evil beings), Jump +28, Knowledge (Arcana)+51, Knowledge (History) +19, Knowledge (Local ) +35, Knowledge (The planes) +61, Knowledge (Religion) +66, Listen +36, Move Silently +31, Search +32, Sense Motive +38, Spellcraft +70, Spot+34, Survival +13 (+17 on other planes, +15 following tracks), Tumble +31
FeatsCleave, Corrupt Spell, Corrupt Spell-like Ability B, Dark Speech, Eschew Materials, Extend Spell, Improved Initiative, Investigator, Iron Will, Negotiator, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Quicken Spell-Like Ability (destruction), Spell Focus (enchantment), Spell Penetration, Weapon Focus (Morningstar),
Epic FeatsAutomatic Quicken Spell (x3), Bonus Domain (Knowledge), Epic Evil Brand B , Epic Spellcasting, Improved Spell Capacity (10th ), Improved Spell Capacity (11th ), Multispell, Planar Turning
EnvironmentNessus, Ninth of the Nine Hells of Perdition
OrganizationSolitary, or squad (1 – 4 Nessian pit fiends)
Challenge Rating40
TreasureTriple standard plus the Black Baton and the Constable’s Keys
AlignmentLawful Evil

As the Constable of Nessus, Martinet was initially responsible for the armies of the Darkest Land of Hell, and he stood high in the Infernal Court. Unlike most of the higher armies, which were martial in nature, the army Martinet led was far more religious and philosophical as it was charged with waging an intellectual war against those who would challenge the new hegemony Asmodeus hoped to build. They infiltrated not only the other armies of Hell, but also the worlds of mortals and outsiders alike. In the centuries prior to the Dies Irae, Nessus and servants of Asmodeus tended to dominate the vast bulk of devil worship among mortals and the armies of Nessus served as the main diabolical fodder for summons, gates, and calls. Indeed, when powerful mortal wizards and clerics called directly on Asmodeus, it was Martinet with whom they treated most often. Martinet’s success with the Nessian armies was such that he became privy to all but the most delicate bits of information not just within Hell, but throughout Creation, and he channeled all he knew to his master. It was Martinet who first heard wind of The Great Fall; he was also the diplomat who escorted Eblis, Beelzebul and other fallen angels to Malsheem. It was Martinet who met with Kiaransalee and gave her the key to Orcus‘ defeat courtesy of Asmodeus. It was Martinet who, alongside Geryon, tricked the Lords of the Nine into meeting in locked battle before the gates of Malsheem during the Dies Irae that resulted in their complete defeat. Aside from the Court of Dis, no other devil can claim as many contacts as Martinet, and his network of associates (not spies, as is the case with Beelzebub) has made him numerous allies and countless enemies beyond Hell.

As the Voice of Asmodeus, Martinet speaks for Asmodeus in all things. Martinet is the one who typically interacts with the Lords of the Nine, the Heirs of Hell, and the Grand Dukes on matters of Infernal business; all know that his words are those of Asmodeus. However, on occasion, Martinet has been known to insert his own ideas into the instruction Asmodeus has given. He never makes drastic adjustments or demands, but has reaped quite a bit of additional wealth over the years because of his manipulation of Asmodeus‘ decrees. What Martinet does not know is that Asmodeus takes into account his Constable’s behavior when he sends him to treat with others; to date, Asmodeus has not found Martinet’s petty scrambling for more power a problem, but if he does, The Overlord will rein his servant in quickly.

Martinet behaves with a smugness that brings rage even to the stoic face of Dispater, and burning anger to the cold soul of Mephistopheles. Martinet, although knowing he is not an equal to the Lords of the Nine, knows that no one can touch him or harm him save Asmodeus‘ will. Indeed, each Lord has dozens of contingencies in place to destroy Martinet immediately should Martinet ever fall from favor with The Overlord. Aside from the Lords, Martinet regularly involves himself with the affairs of gods in Hell, with powerful mortal servants in the Realities Beyond, and with any other being with which Asmodeus has an interest. While the gods of Hell hate Martinet with a passion rivalling that of the Lords of the Nine, others view Martinet with a great deal of fear and respect, knowing that his is the single most important voice in Hell. Indeed, mortals always offer elaborate ceremonies and sacrifices in the Constable’s honor when they learn of an intended visit. Martinet loves the attention and makes no attempt to hide his pride, which has grown tremendously over the millennia. Martinet is the second highest member of the Order of the Lie, although he does not technically answer to Adremalech. Indeed, Martinet avoids the former Lord of the Fourth, whom he does not trust and views as a threat to Hell.

Martinet is the perfect voice piece of a decadent, tyrannical government. He is the public face that speaks that which he is instructed without any regard for how vile, unethical, or evil his words and intent are. Martinet does not question the woes that Asmodeus has brought to Creation and, indeed, believes that by continuing to stand behind Asmodeus he will reap fantastic rewards for his service. However, Martinet is loyal not so much to Asmodeus as he is loyal to Hell. Martinet believes in the dictate of his government and its ideals, which he believes are realities that need to be spread across the entire Cosmos. His betrayal of Lucifer was in defense of the indefensible: the proliferation of Hell. Should Asmodeus ever reveal that he is a liability to the existence Martinet supports, the Constable would betray him at the soonest opportunity.

Martinet is the classic devil. Standing at 6 feet, Martinet’s torso and arms are those of an athletic, slender man while his legs are like those of a hairless goat, complete with a long, barbed tail. His entire body is a hell-fire red, including the massive, bat-like wings that are usually furled at his back. His face is narrow and chiselled, with a look of amused arrogance typically accompanied by a smug smile. Martinet’s eyes are large and emit a golden glow, while long black horns rise from his forehead. He always wears rich black and red livery covered in pentagrams, inverted triangles, and Asmodeus· symbol. He is never without his Black Baton, and often has an imp named Damien, who has a tendency to ask rhetorical questions when Martinet meets with others.


Although more than capable of holding his own in a physical conflict, Martinet is no fighter. He absolutely despises getting personally involved in violence, which is why he is almost always accompanied by a squad of Nessian pit fiends. When threats arrive, Martinet is quick to order his squad to action before plane shifting or teleporting away.

However, if fighting proves to be the only option, Martinet will always begin by activating his Infernal Presence and calling another pit fiend. He will then cast epic mage armour and follow up with any number of powerful spells, spell-like attacks, or epic spells depending on the situation.

Call Devils (Sp): Once per day, Martinet can automatically call 12 lemures, 8 barbazu or erinyes, 6 hamatula or osyluths, 4 cornugons or gelugons, or 2 pit fiends. Since these devils are called rather than summoned, they have the ability to summon their own reinforcements if so ordered. Conversely, 3/day, Martinet may summon 12 lemures, 8 barbazu or erinyes, 6 hamatula or osyluths, 4 cornugons or gelugons, or 2 pit fiends (Martinet may either call or summon in a day; he may not do both). Martinet has no qualms about immediately calling a couple pit fiends and instructing them to bring in more reinforcements if it appears that combat is imminent. In any case, Martinet is almost always accompanied by a squad of Nessian pit fiends whenever he travels beyond Nessus.

Cleric Spells per day: 6 / 9+1 / 8+1 / 8+1 / 8+1 / 8+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/3/3; base DC 23 + spell level, 24 + spell level for Enchantment. Caster level 49th ; caster level 50th for Divination, Evil, and Lawful spells. Martinet chooses domain spells from the Evil, Knowledge and Law domains. As a Duke of Hell, Martinet has access to every cleric spell in the Player’s Handbook. Martinet typically prepares spells that will enhance his effectiveness as a diplomat and those that will protect him from harm or threat; he typically has a few powerful, offensive spells as well. Typical spells prepared:

* Domain spell.

Epic Spells: 5 per day. Spells known: contingent true resurrection, epic mage armour, greater ruin, soul dominion, tyranny. Martinet typically has epic mage armour prepared, and will often cast greater ruin when in the midst of heated battles.

Constable of Hell (Ex): As the Constable of Hell, Martinet is charged with maintaining his Lord’s order throughout Hell. Thus, Martinet is often sent out
to retrieve or constrain those who have offended Asmodeus and he must do so quickly before the condemned can escape. A reflection of his power as Constable of Hell is that Martinet uses the entirety of his HD to determine the DCs of all special attack saves.

Martinet exudes a powerful enchantment that prevents any devil or servant of Hell (devil-worshippers, mercenaries, and the like) from using extraordinary means to escape, like dimension door or greater teleport. All within 90 feet of Martinet must make a Will save DC 47 to use such means. Martinet may determine which beings within the radius are affected, and may use this ability as a standard action.

Furthermore, Martinet may cast trap the soul on any devil or servant of Hell 3/day as a 46th level caster. This functions as the spell except the target suffers a -15 penalty to his SR (if applicable) and does not gain a Will save. The target’s soul is typically trapped in The Black Baton. Only arch-devils with official status within Hell and the Lords of the Nine are immune to this ability; however, Martinet will not use this power lightly on Dukes of Hell or high-ranking pit fiends and agents of Hell without good cause.

Martinet may also scry on any devil or servant of Hell as if he were a 46th level caster.

Martinet’s enviable rank as the Constable of Hell makes him resistant to all but the most powerful attacks from devils. Any devil or servant of Hell that attacks Martinet suffers a -9 penalty to attacks, a -9 penalty to all DCs, and -9 penalty to Initiative. Although the Lords of the Nine are immune to this effect, all other devils (including Dukes and arch-devils) are not.

Infernal Ambassador (Ex): Martinet is the Voice of Asmodeus and, in order to facilitate this role, The Over-lord has granted Martinet
powers typically reserved for an arch-devil.

Martinet may cast astral projectionetherealness, or plane shift as a 46th level caster at will. With these spells, Martinet can enter any plane, domain, or realm without risk of suffering any form of damage based upon the location’s nature. Thus, if Martinet plane shifted to the Elemental Plane of Ice, he would suffer no cold damage; likewise, if he entered Lunia, the First Heaven and bathed in the Silver Sea, he would not suffer any holy damage from the water.

Martinet may enter any cosmic or divine realm, or hallowed site without threat of harm, although he cannot mask his presence. Furthermore, Martinet may also call or summon allies to these locations. Once Martinet enters, he acquires either a flat +3 bonus to his armour class and saves, or a bonus equivalent to the divine rank or virtual divine rank of the being that controls the area. Thus, if Martinet enters a temple hallowed to Nemaria, he would receive a +17 bonus to his armour class and saving throws. These bonuses are continuous so long as Martinet does nothing to physically or psychically harm another within the area. If this occurs – even in response to an attack from another source – Martinet retains the bonuses for three rounds after which the bonuses disappear. Finally, Martinet can commune with Asmodeus.

9/day. Unlike the typical commune, Martinet cast this version as a standard action and suffers no chance for misinformation or adverse affect
unless Asmodeus wills it. It is believed that Martinet is also a focal point for Asmodeus· Hell’s Mouth, although these rumours are as of yet unconfirmed.

Infernal Diplomat (Su): The Voice of Asmodeus is exceedingly versed in acts of Diplomacy, particularly among Fiends and those that serve them. Martinet gains a +9 circumstance bonus to his Bluff and Diplomacy skills when treating with fiends, fiend worshippers, or those working for fiends.

Furthermore, Martinet can offer suggestions to these beings during the course of regular conversation. 3/day, as a full round action, Martinet can affect all he selects within 30 feet with a suggestion as cast by a 46th level caster if they fail a Will save DC 47.

Infernal Presence (Su): Martinet’s Infernal Presence has a Will save DC of 47. His caster level is 46th.

Spell-Like Abilities:

Caster level 46th; DC 20 + spell level.

The Black Baton: Martinet always carries his office standard, a sleek, onyx baton. Both ends are studded with sharpened diamonds that give off a luster similar to that of a distant star. The Black Baton strikes as a +6 axiomatic, unholy Morningstar. In addition, 3/day the Black Baton may grant Martinet a +10 circumstance bonus to his rebuking power or to any skill; it may also, 3/day, grant Martinet a +4 increase on the DC of a Diabolical Adaptation, his Infernal Presence, a spell, or a spell-like ability. In either case the bonuses are assumed as a free action.

The Constable’s Keys: Martinet has the right to access any location in Hell save for the personal abodes of the Lords of the Nine so long as he always carries the Keys of Hell, better known as the Constable’s Keys. The Constable’s Keys are a pair of beautiful gold bracers with an elaborate relief of the Gates of Hell and the famous inscription ‘Abandon All Hope’ written in at least nine dead languages. When he wears the Keys, not only are all locks unlocked and traps disarmed (and rearmed in Martinet’s passing) when Martinet enters the private domains of lesser devils, the bracers also enhance his defense. The Constable’s Keys provide Martinet with a +6 armour bonus to AC, a +6 deflection bonus to AC, and a +6 resistance bonus to his saving throws. The Keys cannot be removed from Martinet without the express will of The Overlord, which – as far as Martinet is concerned – is a reflection of his elevated status in Hell. In reality, the Keys are enchanted by Asmodeus to instantly destroy Martinet with no save if he commits any act of treason against Hell.

Possessions: Aside from the Black Baton and the Constable’s Keys, Martinet only rarely carries magic items from Malsheem. As the Constable of Hell and Asmodeus‘ right-hand devil, Martinet has access to virtually every item in any source so long as Asmodeus allows it.

Summoning Martinet

Martinet demands rare unguents and incenses to the value of 9,999gp to be burnt as a sacrifice to facilitate his summoning. Furthermore, he requires the presence of nine additional persons during the summoning, whose only purpose is to sing an unholy dirge.

Upon successfully completing the summoning ritual, the ground in the area of effect falls away to reveal a yawning pit, the depths of which glow with an unholy fire. Ascending from within this pit, Martinet appears clad in unholy vestments of red and black, and clasping his Black Baton. Disembodied souls rise from the pit at his summoning to form a dais upon which he stands. After dealing with the summoners, he descends back into the pit in utter silence. The dais is rent into nine pieces, as a shrieking gale begins, pulling all within the area of effect toward the pit. The winds persist for three rounds before the earth heaves and the pit is covered over. Note that creatures that have attempted a summons without the proper protections may be affected by both the winds and the Earthquake (treat the winds as hurricane strength, and the Earthquake as if cast by a 27th level sorcerer).

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