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Devil Belphegor (Lord of the Opening)

Belphegor illustration from the Dictionnaire Infernal

Belphegor is a demon who helps people to make discoveries. He seduces people by suggesting to them ingenious inventions that will make them rich. According to some demonologists, his power is stronger in April. Bishop and witch-hunters believe that Belphegor tempts by means of laziness.

Belphegor originated as the Assyrian Baal-Peor, the Moabitish god associated with licentiousness and orgies. It was worshipped in the form of a phallus.

As a demon, he is described in Kabbalistic writings as the “disputer”, an enemy of the sixth Sephiroth “beauty.” When summoned, he can grant riches, the power of discovery and ingenious invention. His role as a demon was to sow discord among men and seduce them to evil through the apportionment of wealth.

Belphegor (Lord of the Opening) was pictured in two quite different fashions: as a beautiful naked woman and as a monstrous, bearded demon with an open mouth, horns, and sharply pointed nails.

Belphegor was sent from Hell by Lucifer to find out if there really was such a thing on earth as married happiness. Rumor of such had reached the demons but they knew that people were not designed to live in harmony. Belphegor’s experiences in the world soon convinced him that the rumor was groundless.

Belphegor is the chief demon of the deadly sin Sloth.


A twisted God of smiths and metal-workers, Later, he became one of the demons in hell who had lived among humans for a short period of time. There, he developed a distaste to women and relationships, but in other accounts, he often took the form of a beautiful woman. It was possible to summon him with sacrifices of excrement, and he gave his conjurors gifts of discovery and ingenious invention. he uses his cunning to craft hundreds of malicious weapons for his fellow demons. Said to be born on earth to a human mother and demonic father, he must return to his birthing grounds three times each year to recharge his infernal power.

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On this Thread

Medium outsider (Cosmic, Devil, Evil, Lawful)
Hit Dice42d8 + 252 (588 hp)
Speed40 ft., Fly 80 ft. (good)
Armor Class47 (+11 Dexterity, +11 insight, +15 natural) touch 32, flat-footed 47
Base Attack/Grapple+42/+48
AttackTouch +53 melee touch (1d4 negative levels and poison) or claw +53 melee (1d4 + 6 and poison)
Full Attack2 touches +53 melee touch (1d4 negative levels and poison) or 2 claws +53 melee (1d4 + 6 and poison)
Space/Reach5 ft. /5 ft.
Special AttacksBeguile, call devils, incarnum, poison, spell-like abilities, utterances
Special QualitiesConcealment*, damage reduction 20/chaotic, good and silver, evasion*, immune to fire and poison, regeneration 10, resistance to acid 20 and cold 20, see in darkness, Spell Resistance 45, telepathy 750 ft., uncanny dodge*
SavesFort +29, Ref +34, Will +40
AbilitiesStrength 23, Dexterity 32, Constitution 23, Intelligence 35, Wisdom 32, Charisma 34
SkillsAppraise +37 (+41 jewelry), Bluff +63, Craft (jewelry) +37, Concentration +51, Diplomacy +79, Disguise +37 (+43 acting), Forgery +37, Gather Information +61, Hide +36, Intimidate +49, Knowledge (arcana) +57, Knowledge (history) +37, Knowledge (nature) +37, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +57, Knowledge (the planes) +47, Knowledge (religion) +47, Listen +56, Move Silently +36, Perform (sing) +44, Search +50, Sense Motive +60, Spellcraft+63, Spot +56, Survival +11 (+15 on other planes), Truespeak +57, Use Magic Device +56 (+62 scrolls)
FeatsCombat Reflexes, Dark Speech, Double Chakra (soul), Double Chakra (throat), Empower Utterance, Extend Utterance, Iron Will, Persuasive, Power Attack, Quicken Spell-Like Ability (x2), Weapon Finesse
Epic FeatsBonus Soulmeld, Epic Essentia (x2), Epic Reputation, Epic Will, Extra Chakra Bind (x3), Spell-like Attack of Opportunity
Climate/TerrainCania (The Nine Hells)
OrganizationSolitary (unique)
TreasureQuadruple Standard
AlignmentLawful Evil

Beguile (Su): Baalphegor can temporarily dominate any creature for 2d4 rounds within 60 feet as a standard action. A Will save (DC 43) negates the effect.

Call Devils (Sp): 3/day, Baalphegor can call 6 Gelugons or 9 logokrons.

Incarnum: Baalphegor is considered both a Lawful and an Evil incarnate of 32nd level. She can suppress the visual effects of her soulmelds with a free action, rendering them effectively invisible. Otherwise they appear as normal unless described differently below. Numerical bonuses granted by these soulmelds are not included in her stats above.

Essentia pool- 32, Capacity- 7, Chakra Binds- 8, Soulmelds- 10

Typical soulmelds shaped:

  • crown – enigma helm A blood red circlet of soul energy encircles her head.
  • feet – impulse boots* Black sandals wrapping up to her mid-thigh
  • arms – bloodwar gauntlets* A pair of black and red full arm gloves
  • brow – silvertongue mask A translucent black veil covers her lower face
  • shoulders – mantle of flame*
  • throat – planar ward*, soulspark familiar*
  • heart – strongheart vest* A red corset of energy
  • soul – fellmist robe*, necrocarnum shroud* numerous tormented souls swirl around her person
  • *Chakra bind

Incarnum Radiance: 6/day as a free action, Baalphegor can radiate a redish ash grey corona that lasts for 9 rounds. While the aura is active, she gains a +7 bonus on melee attack rolls and a +14 bonus on melee damage. If she chooses, lawful evil creatures within 30 feet of her can also gain this benefit.

Perfect Meldshaper: 1/day as a free action, Baalphegor can increase the amount of essentia invested in each of her soulmelds to the maximum capacity of the soulmeld for 14 rounds.

Rapid Meldshaping: 5/day, Baalphegor can unshape a soulmeld and immediately shape a new one. She may not bind the new soulmeld to a chakra.

Poison (Ex): Contact, Fortitude DC 39, 1d6 Wisdom initial and secondary.

Spell-like Abilities: Always active- detect chaos, detect good, tongues, true seeing;

will-animate dead, arcane sight, blasphemy (DC 29), charm monster (DC 26), clairaudience/clairvoyance, desecrate, Enthrall (DC 24), greater dispel magic, greater teleport, major image (DC 25), Morality Undone (DC 27), polymorph, produce flame, spurn the supernatural* (DC 27), suggestion (DC 25), telekinesis, unbind chakra** (DC 26), unhallow, unholy aura (DC 30), unholy blight (DC 26), vampiric touch, wall of incarnum** (DC 25);

3/day- chain lightning (DC 28), finger of death (DC 29), heal, limited wish (DC 29), permanency, planeshift, Trap the soul (DC 30), unname* (DC 31). Caster level 31st

Utterances: DC 38, Caster level 32nd

Lexicon of the Evolving Mind –

  • 1st -inertia surge, universal aptitude;
  • 2nd – hidden truth, silent caster, temporal twist;
  • 3rd – accelerated attack, seek the sky;
  • 4th – breath of cleansing, confounding resistance, word of bolstering;
  • 5th – energy negation, essence of lifespark, sensory focus, ward of peace;
  • 6th – breath of recovery, ether reforged, knight’s greater puissance, mystic rampart, singular mind, word of greater nurturing

Lexicon of the Crafted Tool – agitate metal, fortify armor, rebuild item, seize item, suppress item

Lexicon of the Perfected Map – deny passage, fog from the void, thwart the traveler, transform the landscape

Cosmic Entity: Baalphegor has a +3 bonus on rank checks made in Cania.

Regeneration (Ex): Baalphegor takes normal damage from chaotic good aligned weapons and from spells with the good or chaotic descriptor.

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