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Devil Arioch (Dispater’s avenger)

Devil Arioch
Devil Arioch – AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator

Arioch appears as a hunched backed red-skinned humanoid, dressed in tattered regal robes except his head which resembles a fierce lion wearing a filthy blood-soaked crown.

A Duke of Hell in the service of Dispater. In life he was a king, his reign began when he usurped the throne after he declared his nephew for whom he was acting as Lord Protector, was illegitimate and ineligible for the throne. The boy and his younger brother then disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Arioch’s support was eroded by rumors of his involvement in this and the death of his wife. Enraged by public speculation of his involvement in the murders he put all the counties leading scribes and printers put to death.

A descendant of a greatly diminished and exiled House, seized on his difficulties so that he could challenge Arioch’s claim to the throne. His first attempt to invade was frustrated by a storm, but at his second attempt he arrived unopposed. Marching inland, He support as he made for the palace. Arioch mustered his troops and intercepted the invaders army. A confederation of local warlords brought forces to the battlefield but held back while they decided which side it would be more advantageous to support.

Arioch divided his army, which outnumbered the invaders. He kept most of his force together and placed it under the command of an experienced general. This general took no action when signaled to assist his king, so Arioch gambled everything on a charge across the battlefield to kill the invading lord and end the fight. Seeing the king’s knights separated from his army, the warlords intervened, surrounding and killing Arioch.


Arioch is a vassal of Dispater, serving as Dispater’s avenger. Dispater often sends Titivilus to bring orders to Arioch; Titivilus treats Arioch as his peer, and Arioch shows no hatred of Titivilus.

Originally Posted by Kain Darkwind of the Dicefreaks d20 Community.

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Large outsider (Devil, Evil, Lawful)
Hit Dice30d8 + 360 (600 hp)
Speed30 ft., Fly 90 ft.(average)
Armor Class51 (+9 Dexterity, +9 insight, +24 natural, -1 size), touch 27, flat-footed 33
Base Attack/Grapple+30/+49
AttackIron Justice +49 melee (3d6 + 27 /17-20/x2)
Full Attack2 Iron Justice +49/+44/+39/+34 melee (3d6 + 27 /17-20/x2 and vorpal) and bite +39 melee (4d6 + 7 and drain) and tail +39 melee (2d8 + 7 and poison)
Space/Reach10 ft. /10 ft.
Special AttacksDrain, poison, spell-like abilities, summon devils
Special QualitiesDamage reduction 20/epic, good and silver, immunity to fire and poison, oversized weapon, regeneration 10, resistance to acid 20 and cold 20, see in darkness, Spell Resistance 38, telepathy 500 ft.
SavesFort +29, Ref +26, Will +26
AbilitiesStrength 41, Dexterity 29, Constitution 34, Intelligence 26, Wisdom 28, Charisma 29
SkillsBalance +42, Bluff +42, Climb +31, Concentration +22, Craft (iron working) +41, Diplomacy +17, Gather Information +46, Intimidate +46, Jump +35, Knowledge (Arcana) +28, Knowledge (architecture & engineering) +24, Knowledge (local) +33, Knowledge (the planes) +33, Knowledge (religion) +28, Listen +42, Move Silently +42, Search +41 (+43 secret doors), Sense Motive +42, Spellcraft +26, Spot +42, Survival +42 (+46 on other planes, +46 tracking), Use Magic Device +21
FeatsCleave, Combat Reflexes, Dark Speech, Fly-by Attack, Great Cleave, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Power Attack, Track, Two Weapon Fighting
Epic FeatsPerfect Two Weapon Fighting
Climate/TerrainDis (The Nine Hells)
OrganizationSolitary (unique)
Challenge Rating26
TreasureTriple Standard
AlignmentLawful Evil

Drain (Su): Any creature bitten by Arioch must make a Will save (DC 34) or expend a single use of a daily limited ability (such as spells, spell-likes, rage, smite etc) to no effect. In the case of spells or spell-likes, the highest level effect available is expended first. A creature that cannot expend any limited abilities gains 1 negative level.

Poison (Ex): Injury, Fort DC 37, 3d6 Dexterity/3d6 Dexterity

Spell-like Abilities: Always active –see invisibility,

Caster level 25th

Summon Devils (Sp): 3/day, Arioch may summon 9 malebranche or 12 narzugon.

Oversized Weapon: Arioch can wield Huge weapons with no penalty.

Regeneration (Ex): Arioch takes normal damage from good aligned silver weapons, and from good aligned spells or effects.

Possessions: Arioch wields a Huge +5 vorpal two bladed sword made of Dis iron known as Iron Justice.

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