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Devil, Sammael, Arch-Devil of Venom

Before his fall Sammael was an important archangel, a figure who is accuser, seducer and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil. He was the guardian angel of Esau and a patron of the sinful empire of Rome.

Devil, Sammael, Arch-Devil of Venom
Satan as invented by Gustave Doré, in John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Also called Sammael and Samil, he is considered in legend both a member of the heavenly host (with often grim and destructive duties) and a fallen angel, equatable with Satan and the chief of the evil spirits. One of Samael’s greatest roles in Jewish lore is that of the Angel of Death. In this capacity he is a fallen angel but nevertheless remains one of the Lord’s servants. As a good angel, Samael supposedly resides in the seventh heaven, although he is declared to be the chief angel of the fifth heaven.

The Gates of Hell (Dice Freaks)

Grimoire of Cosmic Entities Volume One By Eli Atkinson, William Church and Serge W. Desir, Jr.

Original Concept by Serge W. Desir, Jr.

Full netbook can be found on the following website

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SAMMAEL, Arch-Devil of Venom
The Poison of Perdition
Assassin 10/Rogue 25
Large outsider (Abomination, Evil, Extraplanar,Lawful)
SymbolA pale green tear or water drop on a vivid green background within a black, inverted triangle
Hit Dice50d8 + 35d6 + 935 (1545 hp)
Initiative+21 (+13 Dexterity, +8 Superior Initiative)
Speed120 ft., Fly 240 ft. (perfect)
Armor Class75 (-1 size, +13 deflection, +13 Dexterity, +34 natural, +6 profane), touch 41, flat-footed 75
Base Attack/Grapple+68/+86
AttackDefamator +90 melee (1d8+20+2d6 (lawful) +3d6+1 negative energy level (unholy power) 17-20/ x2 +6d6 (unholy) + 2 negative levels + 1d6); or claw + 82 melee (4d6+14)
Full AttackDefamator +90/+85/+80/+75 melee (1d8 + 20 + 2d6 (lawful) + 3d6 +1 negative level (unholy power) 17-20/x2 +6d6 (unholy) + 2 negative levels +1d6); or 2 claws +82 melee (4d6+14) and 2 wing buffets +76 melee (4d8+7)
Space/Reach10 ft. /10 ft.
Call devils, Diabolical Aura, the Presence of Hell, Caustic Words, Scathing Words, Touch of Malice, spell-like abilities, spells, death attack (Fortitude DC 33), crippling strike, opportunist, sneak attack +18d6
Abomination traits, arch-devil qualities, Blindsight 500 ft., damage reduction 30/epic, good and silver, Darkvision 60 ft., Diabolical Prowess, displacement (20%), divine immunities, hide in plain sight, immunity to fire and poison, improved evasion, improved uncanny dodge, nondetection, regeneration 22, resistance to acid 30 and cold 30, Rotting Words, see in darkness, Spell Resistance 67, Spite, telepathy 1,000 ft., trap finding, trap sense +8
SavesFort +55, Ref +61, Will +52
AbilitiesStrength 38, Dexterity 36, Constitution 33, Intelligence 37, Wisdom 26, Charisma 36
SkillsAppraise +15 (+17 alchemy), Balance +62, Bluff +103, Concentration +54, Craft(alchemy) +54, Decipher Script +54, Diplomacy +120 (+126 with evil beings), Disable Device +54, Disguise +105 (+115 when acting in character), Escape Artist +83, Forgery +56, Gather Information +78, Hide +99, Intimidate +113 (+119 against evil beings), Jump +65, Knowledge (arcane) +66, Knowledge (history) +66, Knowledge (nature) +17, Knowledge (the planes) +78, Knowledge (religion) +78, Listen +96, Move Silently +93, Open Lock+54, Search +91, Sense Motive +96, Spellcraft +74, Spot +96, Survival 51(+59 on another plane, +59 while tracking), Tumble +82, Use Rope +13 (+21 with bindings)
FeatsAlertness, Arterial Strike, Cleave, Charlatan, Combat Expertise, Corrupt Spell-like Ability B, Dark Speech B, Deceitful, Dodge, Flyby Attack, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (rapier), Improved Flyby Attack, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Persuasive, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Stealthy, Weapon Focus (claw), Weapon Focus (rapier)
Epic FeatsBlinding Speed, Epic Evil Brand B, Epic Poison Crafter, Epic Reflexes, Epic Weapon Focus (rapier), Lingering Damage, Overwhelming Critical (rapier), Self Concealment x2, Spellcasting Harrier, Sneak Attack Of Opportunity, Superior
, Trap Sense.
EnvironmentThe Venal Fortress, The Gray Wastes of Despair
OrganizationUnique (Solitary) or with Taniniver steed
Challenge Rating55
TreasureQuadruple standard plus Defamator
AlignmentLawful Evil (Neutral Evil tendencies)

There is no devil in existence closer to true evil than Sammael, the reviled Arch-Devil of Venom. Exiled in his Venal Fortress in the Gray Wastes, Sammael seeks nothing less than to infect all Creation with evil and vice. Sammael is on the brink of abandoning the last vestiges of order and law as he is willing to do almost anything to achieve his goal.

Sammael is the personification of those that seek to manipulate perceived and actual weaknesses in organizations, kingdoms, or individuals in order to bring about a new order. The master of infiltrating any environment like a terrible virus, Sammael has mastered the use of words to bring ruin to even the most upstanding person or ideal. Sammael delights in petty acts of jealousy and envy, as eager to poison friendships or the love between two individuals as much as he pursues the crumbling of ancient treaties, timeless alliances and benevolent religions.

Sammael is one of the original hellspawn and was the first Lord of the Seventh Hell. Alongside Dispater, Mammon, Adrammelek, Leviathan, Lilith,
and Mephistopheles, he numbered among the original Lords of the Nine, his station as Lord-Regent of Cocytus (Maladomini) appointed by Lucifer the Satan during the Days of Antiquity. Among the eight Lords of Perdition, Sammael was second only to Mephistopheles and the contests between these two paragons of Hell were monumental. While Mephistopheles favored cold, logical thought and the damnation of souls ripe with intellect and flawed Wisdom, Sammael promoted secrecy, lies, and corruption of the spirit due to emotional imbalances and misplaced anger. Sammael personified these aspects perfectly, believing that he alone was worthy to rule not just Hell, but the Depths Below and eventually the entire Cosmos. He and Mephistopheles warred perpetually during the Days of Antiquity, their conflicts an amusing farce to Lucifer the Satan and a deadly game of politics among the other Lords. While Mephistopheles gathered the likes of Dispater and Mammon to his side, devils interested in possessions and ownership, Sammael led the faction of devils dedicated to acts of evil indignation and hunger, counting Leviathan and Lilith among his allies. Much like his cold rival, Sammael believed that in dominating at least half of the Hells, he would acquire the strength to smash his adversary and bring ruin to Lucifer. However, unlike Mephistopheles, who tended to keep his allies strictly among the forces of Hell, Sammael was not above consorting with lesser beings like demons and the denizens of other planes. In short order, Sammael appeared poised to quash Mephistopheles and his faction when the Battles of Light and Greed erupted. Rather than risk throwing support in with the likes of Asmodeus, Adrammelek, and Mephistopheles, Sammael determined that supporting Lucifer was a safer position.

However, Lucifer was soundly defeated by Asmodeus who, in a startling and unexpected act of treachery, took the Serpent’s Throne for himself. Rather than punish those devils who supported the fallen Lightbringer, Asmodeus allowed the Lords, including Sammael, to retain their positions. Believing this decision the act of a coward and fool, Sammael resumed his plotting.

Then The Great Fall occurred and thousands of fallen angels were cast into Hell. Asmodeus welcomed these new servants, and many were conscripted into the various Courts of Hell. Among these was Beelzebul the Great, now called Beelzebub, The Fallen, who joined the Court of Cocytus (Maladomini). Sammael saw in the fallen solar what he thought was a pale reflection of himself, a being who knew about loss and anger, but did not know how to control it. Sammael believed that he had the perfect pawn to eventually use against both Asmodeus and Mephistopheles. Sammael named Beelzebub as his Chancellor and gave him a great deal of authority over his holdings, believing that the fallen solar would do well enough to keep him abreast of all of his foes’ activities. Alas, Beelzebub, now referred to as the Lord of the Flies, proved not only up to the task, but the greatest adversary Sammael had encountered. An even greater liar and charlatan than Sammael himself, Beelzebub used the power Sammael granted him to isolate the Poison of Perdition completely from his allies; indeed, not only was Sammael trapped within his fortress Venal, but his strongest supporter among the Lords, Lilith, was besieged by Beelzebub‘s Viceroy, Moloch. Worst still, the fact that Adrammelek had been removed from his station as Lord of the Fourth revealed to Sammael that Asmodeus himself favored the fallen angels. Filled with resigned wrath, Sammael fled Cocytus (Maladomini), using ancient magic that caused Venal to relocate to the Gray Wastes.

In some ways, Sammael’s defeat in Hell was a boon to him. No longer chafing under the rule of another and wasting time and effort battling an immediate rival, Sammael has been able to concentrate on his goal: corrupting all existence. On the brink of abandoning his hellspawn heritage, Sammael is almost Neutral Evil in his behavior, if not his goals, and has become a powerful force in the Wastes. Sammael commands the respect of legions of demons, particularly the ones who likewise work from the shadows while manipulating the weaknesses of others. In scores of worlds, Sammael is The Adversary or the Prince of Poison. A master manipulator of language and a destroyer of reputations and kingdoms, Sammael’s presence is felt but rarely seen as he seeks to use words to slowly poison friendships, alliances, and morals in the worlds he infects. Indeed, Sammael has learned from his former enemy, Beelzebub, having adopted song and speech to empower his own works. Countless gods count Sammael as a vile foe, but because he hides behind the words of often innocent, witless mortals and even some celestials, most cannot directly deal with the Arch-Devil of Venom. Now, at least a dozen worlds are on the brink of revolutions that could bring about the direct rule of Sammael as his forces have shattered the worship of gods and ruined concepts related to goodness and virtue. If these ploys reach fruition, Sammael may well become a Arch-Fiend or even a full-fledged god.

Still, Sammael does retain contacts with Hell. In an interesting turn, he and Mephistopheles have a very secret alliance forged upon a mutual hatred for Beelzebub and the fallen angels that have impacted Hell. Sammael also maintains some manner of association with Lilith, the Lord of the Sixth. During Antiquity, Lilith and Sammael were consorts of a sort, and as close as two Lords of the Nine could get; indeed, it was this relationship, albeit filled with lust, loathing, and misplaced passion, that Beelzebub and Moloch addressed by isolating the two original Lords of the Sixth and Seventh Hells. Now that Lilith has returned to her former station, she is cautious about interacting with Sammael, but believes that an alliance with such a powerful outcast (and potential god or Arch-Fiend) would be to her benefit in the future. Aside from his servants in the Wastes. Sammael also has a passing acquaintance with Pestilence of the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse. To date, Sammael has limited political deals with The Abyss, although it is known that he has sent envoys to meet with Demogorgon the Prince of Demons, as well as Apollyon. It remains unknown what the goals and results of these meetings were, but to date there have been no further interactions between these groups.

Sammael appears as a 10-foot tall humanoid male with an athletic, broad shouldered body with pale, gold skin and long, golden hair. He tends to wear tight-fitting garments reminiscent of a young courtier’s attire at court, black and pale red the dominant colors. A pair of great, golden bat-like wings typically rest cape-like against his back. Sammael’s face is incredibly handsome, in spite of the pair of large horns that sprout from his forehead, with a ready smile that typically does not reveal his needle-like fangs. The smile never reaches his golden eyes, which seem to stare unblinkingly with an uncomfortable intensity as if Sammael can see things hidden to others. His voice is likewise pleasant, although a hint of cynicism, sarcasm, and downright cruelty can bubble up without warning. Sammael always wears an elaborate rapier at his side.


Sammael loves combat and relishes the suffering it causes others. In spite of this however, Sammael appears aloof, filled with cold detachment in martial situations and seemingly unwilling to bloody his claws. In this perhaps, Sammael yet retains some of the fundamental principles and restraint of a being of order and law.

Sammael always enters combat with his Diabolical Aura and Presence of Hell. Once engaged in melee he will always attempt to use the Open Old Wounds facet of his Caustic Words ability on those of a more martial bent and will always attempt to Scathe His Words against spellcasters regardless of creed and way.

Sammael’s natural weapons, as well as any weapons he wields, are treated as epic evil lawful-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Call Devils (Sp): As a standard action Sammael can attempt to call devils. He may attempt to call up to three times per day, 3 pit fiends, 9 gelugons or cornugons, or 18 of any lesser type of devil. Sammael has a 50% chance of success with each calling attempt. Since these devils are called, they have the ability to summon other devils as their descriptions allow. Sammael used to be very fond of cornugons and still calls on them from time to time; only in extreme situations will he look to gelugons or pit fiends, as he despises Mephistopheles and Asmodeus and their favored servants. In spite of his station as an outcast of Hell, Sammael has garnered a great deal of respect from the demons, particularly Balors. Three times per day, Sammael may call 3 Balors or 9 of any lesser type of demon; when called these servants of evil never dare to question or challenge Sammael, knowing that they will be well rewarded for their efforts.

Diabolical Aura (Ex): Sammael’s Diabolical Aura can be ignored on a successful Will save DC 57.

The Presence of Hell (Su): Sammael’s Presence of Hell has a 1,500-foot radius, and all effects are as those cast by a 64th level sorcerer.

Regeneration (Ex): Sammael takes normal damage from epic good-aligned silvered weapons, and from spells or effects with the good descriptor.

Spell-Like Abilities:

Caster level 64th; DC 32 + spelllevel.

Assassin spells known:

(6/6/5/5. Caster level 56th; DC 32 + spell level.

Caustic Words (Ex): Sammael is second only to Asmodeus among Hell’s more powerful members in his ability to bring others to their knees with his venomous words. Indeed, there are those who believe that Sammael was once an angel who fell so long ago that he himself has forgotten his true nature; such individuals point to Sammael’s command over words and sonic energy, powers traditionally held only by spirits from the Realms Above. Sammael is always looking for and remembering weaknesses in every situation and in every soul in order to use these weaknesses in the future.

Seven times a day, Sammael may use his Caustic Words as a standard action. This extremely potent power is manifested in a variety of ways, but all require that the target or targets can hear, although not necessarily understand, what Sammael is saying (language is irrelevant since the threat comes from hearing the intent in Sammael’s voice rather than understanding specific words). The radius for Caustic Words is 70 feet (in which Sammael may select targets) and the saves are DC 57 unless otherwise noted.

Open Old Wounds: This version of Caustic Words allows Sammael to re-open the wounds of those who have been wounded over the past 24 hours. All those within range must make a Fortitude save. Failure indicates that any being that suffered any kind of physical damage within, again takes the greatest amount of damage that was dealt in one round during the past 24 hours.

Thus, if a fighter was in battle against a group of pit fiends 16 hours before his fateful meeting with Sammael and, during the confrontation with the pit fiends, he suffered a total of 58 points of damage in one round from all three, he would again suffer 58 points of damage from Sammael’s Open Old Wounds. Such wounds may be healed per normal.

Offend: When Sammael offends with his Caustic Words, he causes those who fail a Will save DC 57 to become enraged. An enraged victim gains a +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution, suffers a -4 penalty to attacks, saves, and skill checks, must make a Concentration check to cast any spell or spell-like effect, and cannot perform any task that requires patience (like taking 10 or 20 on skill checks). Furthermore, the victim will not use any feat that has a prerequisite base attack bonus of +4 or higher, Combat Expertise, or Dodge. The victim’s only thought is to punish Sammael for his cruel words. The effect lasts for up to 50 minutes, although Sammael may end the effect as a free action. Once the Offense ends, the victim is fatigued.

Slander: Sammael may present doubts in the minds of animal companions, cohorts, familiars, and called/ summoned creatures. Such beings are forced to make a Will save to avoid turning against their leader. While animal cohorts and familiars use their master’s Will save modifier to overcome the effect, cohorts and called/ summoned creatures use their own modifiers. The effects of Slander last for up to 7 rounds or until the master is killed. Sammael can probably cancel the effect, but has never bothered to do so.

Rotting Words (Su): Sammael’s presence empowers evil spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural effects driven by language, making them sound all the more horrible. Even Dark Speech is more dreadful when spoken in the presence of the Arch-Devil of Venom. Sammael affects language and magic of this nature within 70 feet of his person and may enact the power of Rotting Words once a day, the effects persisting for up to 21 rounds.

When Dark Speech or Corrupt spells with verbal components are used within the appropriate range, the speaker/caster suffers only ½ of the corruption cost. Any spell bearing the Evil descriptor requiring verbal components are Maximized when cast in Sammael’s presence.

Sammael may select which speakers/casters benefit from this aspect of Rotting Words once such individuals enter the radius.

The same seething evil Sammael radiates that empowers evil words also stifles words of peace and hope. Words of Creation or Sanctified spells with verbal components within 70 feet of Sammael are treated as though they the casters level were seven lower; further more, such effects always require a full round action to perform.

Scathing Words (Su): Any damage dealing spell or spell-like ability cast by Sammael deals an additional 50% of pure sonic damage at the fullest possible amount if he so chooses. Thus, if Sammael casts a delayed blast fireball, not only will it deal 20d6 points of fire damage but an additional 60 points of sonic damage.

Spite (Su): Sammael loves few things better than to watch the powerful and the strong brought into ruin due to the anger, malice, and wrath of others’ particularly those who seek greater power for themselves at any cost. Thus, Sammael rewards those who are willing to harm themselves just a little in order to hurt another even more.

Seven times per day, Sammael may offer Spite to any being that calls on him. In return for the information and the ability to harm the power, reputation, or support of another individual, the victim must bring about some small form of harm, emotional or physical, to himself. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the act. The following is a general list of potential sacrifices and ‘rewards’ for those who take Sammael’s Spite:

  • Nothing Lost, Nothing Gained: In return for one permanent hit point loss, the client receives a +1 permanent skill increase in Bluff, Gather Information, Intimidate, or Sense Motive. Each additional loss accepted increases a given skill or can be used for another skill.
  • Gouge the Eye, Reveal the Truth: The client must blind himself with a sharp object. In doing so, the client can then curse another person to blindness if the target fails a Fortitude save = 10 + ½ the client’s character level + the client’s Charisma modifier. The client may regain his sight, but only through a servant of Sammael; the victim may regain his sight only if the spiteful one is forced to admit to the act.
  • Drain the Soul: In return for one point of Constitution drain, the client may select any feat for which he qualifies (the drain cannot be returned by any means).
  • Cut Nose, Spite Face: The client must hack off his nose. In doing so, the client can then curse another to insanity if the selected target fails a Will save 57. The nose can be healed, but only by a servant of Sammael. The victim may be cured of insanity, but only if the spiteful one is forced to admit to the act.
  • Misery and Company: In return for a two point Charisma drain, the client forces another to make a Will save = 10 + ½ the client’s character level + the client’s previous Charisma modifier. If the victim fails, he suffers a -2 drain to his Charisma.
    While the spiteful one’s Charisma drain cannot be returned by any means, the victim’s may be if the client is forced to admit to the act and honestly asks for forgiveness.
  • Leech the Soul: In return for one character level, the client can force another to make a Will save DC 57 or suffer the effects of bestow
    ; the victim suffers all of the effects on the list. The curses may only be removed if the client is forced to admit to the act and honestly asks for forgiveness. If the spiteful one sacrifices three character levels, the victim suffers from Bestow Greater Curse.
  • Sell Soul to Sammael: The client willfully sells his soul to Sammael, becoming irrevocably Lawful Evil. He is then granted three wishes that can be used for one of three purposes (or a medley of the three):
  1. Ruination of another’s political power/economic standing;
  2. Increase one’s own political power/ economic standing;
  3. Engage in an act of vengeance.

The wishes take effect over the course of seven days, after which the client lives as he chooses for up to seven years. After that time elapses, the victim dies from an allergic reaction and his soul is sent to the Venal Fortress where is becomes Sammael’s plaything

(note: Sell Soul to Sammael does not stack with the Soulsworn feat).

Regardless of the nature of the act of Spite, the client’s alignment always moves one step closer to Lawful Evil (and, at the DM’s discretion, any one of the above may count for an immediate adjustment to Lawful Evil). Once the client becomes Lawful Evil, his soul is forfeit and he is essentially damned to the Venal Fortress. The only way to escape this damnation is to seek the Atonement of a 31st level good-aligned cleric and complete a quest offered by the same cleric that seeks to redress the harm caused by the client’s Spite. The victim has 7 weeks to complete the quest; if the victim fails, he dies from a vicious allergic reaction and his soul is damned to the Venal Fortress in the Gray Wastes.

Touch of Malice (Ex): As a move equivalent action, Sammael can cause his taloned fingers to bleed any kind of poison or venom from the Dungeon Master’s Guide, Book of Vile Darkness, Epic Level Handbook, or any other source selected by the DM. Thus, all poisons and venom are transmitted due to injury; the Fortitude save DC is 55 for all poisons and venoms. Sammael’s Touch of Malice lasts for seven rounds after which he can select to allow it to persist or change to another kind of poison as a move equivalent action. Sammael may transfer the poison to any weapon he wields.

Defamator (Major Artifact):

Sammael is rarely without his rapier, Defamator. The blade is golden with a sickly green groove running lengthwise down the middle, seeming to pulse with a life of its own. Images of vines and ivy have been carved along the two sides of the blade; these meet in the middle, forming an intricate and flawlessly beautiful pattern of sparse leaves on vines. These images hold no small power of their own and spell out the title ‘Venom of God’ in the Infernal tongue. A single, tear-shaped emerald is insert in the cross hilt, while an ovoid emerald forms the pommel. The long, gold shaft has on close inspection veins of green quartz running through it; these too appear to pulse occasionally.

Defamator was a gift from Lilith during the Days of Antiquity. It is a +6 axiomatic, humiliating, unholy power, wounding rapier, cold forged from iron drawn from the blood of thousands of humanoid beings. Those who suffer damage from the blade must make a Fortitude save (DC 55) or lose the ability to heal any type of damage either magically or naturally. Should the creature possess regeneration or fast healing, this ability is suppressed as well. The only way to remove the condition is to consume an entire gallon of holy water which has been blessed by a good aligned caster of at least 21st level.

If any creature touches Defamator without Sammael’s permission, that creature must make a Fortitude save DC 55 or die; those that survive suffer three negative energy levels.


As the master of the Venal Fortress, Sammael has a tremendous cache of treasure and is not above wearing items to enhance his deadliness.

Summoning Sammael

The summoning of Sammael cannot be done without the willing self-mutilation of the primary summoner as part of the incantation. Furthermore, each additional participant must also harm themselves during the ritual. The mutilation of the primary summoner is a painful affair, usually involving the severing of a finger, toe or ear; this deals damage to the summoner of 1/10th of his total hit points, as well as 2 points of Constitution damage. The mutilation can be healed once the summons is concluded (but see below). For secondary summoners, the wounding is either a cut across the upper abdomen, just below the heart, or a slit in the tongue. This deals 7 hit points damage. All ritual mutilation and wounding must be performed with daggers set with emeralds as pommel stones, each to the value of at least 666gp. Furthermore, the magic circles must be traced using a mix of emerald dust alongside the silver dust; the value of this dust should be in excess of 9,999gp.

With blood on hand and hilt, each Dagger is placed so that the pommel rests on the edge of the outer magic circle, with the point facing inwards. Fell words of hate and malice are spoken, and the blood within the magic circle responds, running in rivulets directly into the center of the inner circle and forming a gruesome pool of liquefied hate. The color changes by degrees to a virulent green, and then begins to pulse with an evil energy. Slowly, Sammael rises from the pool, his body dripping with venom, and his eyes glowing and pulsing with enmity.

If the summoners have not put in place a summoning sanctuary, Sammael shows his hatred for them by instantly pronouncing a curse, preventing the healing of the wounds suffered in order to summon him. Creatures already Soulsworn to him are not affected, as the Arch-Devil of Venom is content to wait until the time when he can torture their souls instead; otherwise, a successful Fortitude save DC 55 prevents the curse from taking effect. Whether or not the summoners save, further danger awaits them for their lack of preparation; Sammael’s very words are poison, and for each minute that they speak with him, each creature within 70 feet of the magic circles that can hear the arch-devil speak takes 1d6 points of Constitution damage. Sammael can suppress this should he desire, for all or some or none as he wishes; generally, he is not inclined to do so.

Sammael offers power to the primary summoner by means of his Spite diabolical adaptation. He does not care so much for hammering out the details of any contract being entered into as most Peers of Perdition; though he is still Lawful Evil, his Lawful nature is close to disappearing, and he will lie or cheat if he feels it is necessary.

When at last the summons ends, Sammael draws himself up and holds himself quite still. The pool beneath his feet draws up and over him, before solidifying so that a perfect emerald statue of the arch-devil remains. A poisonous mist hovers about the effigy, but before any of the summoners can think to step within the circles and seize this enormous gem, the statue shatters sending a spray of fine green slivers bulleting through the area. A summoning sanctuary prevents those without from being hit; otherwise, each creature within 70 feet takes 7d6 points of damage. A successful Reflex save DC 55 halves the damage and also prevents any splinters from lodging in the skin. Should any splinters of emerald become lodged in the skin, that creature contracts faceless hate (as described in the Book of Vile Darkness) and automatically fails his save each day until the splinter is removed. Any damage from the disease can only be healed by a good-aligned cleric of at least 31st level, but magic cannot remove the splinter, which requires a successful Heal check against DC 55 to remove. Such an operation deals 7 points of Constitution damage from trauma and blood loss.

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