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Naamah (The Lady Fierana)

girl, model, blonde, Naamah

Naamah is a succubus and fallen angel

Naamah appears in the Zohar as one of the four angels of prostitution, the mates of the demon Samael. Her fellow succubi are Lilith, Eisheth Zenunim, and Agrat Bat Mahlat. She is generally identified with the daughter of Lamech. Naamah is often named as the mother of the demon Asmodai, the consort of the Lesser Lilith (Lilith and Samael’s daughter).

The Gates of Hell (Dice Freaks)

Grimoire of Cosmic Entities Volume One By Eli Atkinson, William Church and Serge W. Desir, Jr.

Original Concept by Serge W. Desir, Jr.

Full netbook can be found on the following website

Dicefreaks d20 Community

The Lady Fierana is the daughter of Belial, ostensibly sharing rulership of Phlegethon (Phlegethos) with her father. Indeed, for centuries after the Dies Irae, many mortal sages and scholars thought that Fierana had deposed her father. In truth, Asmodeus required that Belial, a perennial schemer with Beelzebub, take a background role in the politics of The Fourth Hell in return for his continued status as a Lord of the Nine. Fierana would rule publicly while Belial would control things from behind the scenes. To this day, Asmodeus’ ultimate goal with this arrangement is a mystery, but it is almost a certainty that the decision will play a significant role in one of his scores of schemes.

FIERANA, Arch-Devil of Passion
Lady of Lust
Assassin 20/monk 30
Medium-sized outsider (Evil, Extraplanar, Lawful)
SymbolFeminine red eyes superimposed on a flaming pentagram on a black field.
Hit Dice40d8 + 20d6 + 300 (740 hp)
Initiative+16 (+8 Dexterity, +8 Superior Initiative)
Speed170 ft., Fly 200 ft. (perfect)
Armor Class72 (+14 deflection, +8 Dexterity, +7 monk, +21 natural, +6 profane, +6 Wisdom), touch 51, flat-footed 72
Base Attack/Grapple+37/+56
AttackFierana’s Displeasure +54 melee (2d10+13 + 3d6 (hellfire) +2d6 (unholy) + 1 (vile) 18-20/x2 + 6d6 (hellfire))
Full AttackFierana’s Displeasure +54/+54/+54/+49/ +44/+39 melee (2d10+13 + 3d6 (hellfire) + 2d6 (unholy) + 1 (vile) 18-20/x2 + 6d6 (hellfire))
Space/Reach5 ft. /5 ft.
Special AttacksArouse the Passion, call devils, death attack (Fortitude DC 35), Diabolical Aura, greater flurry of blows, Passion’s Lips, Presence of Hell, Price of Passion, quivering palm 1/week (Fortitude DC 31), smite good 1/day (+60 to damage), sneak attack +10d6, spell-like abilities, Stunning Fist 37/day (Fort DC 46)
Special QualitiesAbundant step, arch-devil Qualities, damage reduction 30/epic, good and silver, Darkvision 60 ft., Diabolical Prowess, empty body (30 rounds), Flames of Despair, hide in plain sight (flames or shadow), immunity to fire and poison, improved evasion, improved uncanny dodge, ki strike (adamantine, lawful, magic), purity of body, regeneration 10, resistance to acid 30, cold 30, and electricity 10, see in darkness, slow fall, Spell Resistance 61, telepathy 1,000 ft., tongue of the sun and moon, wholeness of body (60 hp)
SavesFort +42, Ref +45, Will +43
AbilitiesStrength 21, Dexterity 27, Constitution 20, Intelligence 26, Wisdom 23, Charisma 38
SkillsBalance +37, Bluff +70, Climb +15, Concentration +24, Craft (leatherwork) +20, Craft (blacksmith) +20, Diplomacy +74 (+80 with evil beings), Disguise +40 (+46 acting in character), Escape Artist +53, Hide +60, Intimidate +62 (+68 against evil beings), Jump +67, Knowledge (Arcana) +19, Knowledge (the planes) +18, Knowledge (religion) +30, Listen +55, Move Silently +56, Perform (dance) +55, Search +28, Sense Motive +55, Sleight of Hand +32, Spot +55, Survival +6 (+8 on other planes, +8 tracking), Tumble +70, Use Magical Device +30, Rope Use+8 (+14 with bindings)
FeatsCleave, Combat Reflexes, Corrupt Spell-like Ability B , Dark Speech B , Deflect Arrows, Dodge, Improved Critical (unarmed strike), Improved Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm, Improved Grapple, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Mobility, Pain Touch, Persuasive, Power Attack, Quicken Spell-Like Ability (flame strike), Roundabout Kick, Spring Attack, Stunning Fist, Vile Ki Strike, Weapon Finesse
Epic FeatsBlinding Speed (x2), Dire Charge, Epic Evil Brand B , Exceptional Deflection, Improved Death Attack, Infinite Deflection, Keen Strike, Legendary Wrestler, Superior Initiative
EnvironmentPhlegethon (Phlegethos), Fourth of the Nine Hells of Perdition
OrganizationSolitary (Unique), or couplet (Fierana and Gazra), or squad (Fierana, 1-6 erinyes and 1-2 pit fiends)
Challenge Rating49
TreasureQuadruple standard
AlignmentLawful Evil
vampire, halloween, gothic

For her part, Fierana is delighted with her highlighted responsibilities in Phlegethon (Phlegethos). The trip to this level of power was long and arduous. One of Belial’s many offspring from his time pillaging the Prime prior to The Great Fall, Fierana is apparently the only one ever to do anything to draw his attention. Born on some long-dead Prime world, Fierana was born as evil as her sire, killing her mother (who was violated by the former planetar) and siblings when she came of age. Indeed, in a mirror image of the behaviors engaged in by her father, Fierana’s desire to oppress others sexually and physically made her a terrible enemy to men and women in the Prime world she inhabited. During her time in the Prime, she did not age, but became more and more beautiful and more deadly with her strong mind and strong body. Eventually, she rose to great power in a terrible empire, lavishing her role as an inquisitor and torturer. The acts of torture and oppression she committed were so great that eventually she drew the attention of her father, Belial. Knowing that his daughter was responsible for so much pain and suffering, Belial seduced her and brought her before Asmodeus. Fierana was remade as an arch-devil.

Since that time and until the Dies Irae, Fierana quickly grew bored. Initially, she contented herself with tormenting devils, finding them hardier than mortals. Belial did not allow her to travel frequently to the Prime, fearing the reprisals from the Bastions of Righteousness. In many ways, the Dies Irae and its aftermath worked to Fierana’s benefit. Now, as the public ruler of Phlegethon (Phlegethos), it is Fierana who tortures the souls who first arrive in Hell (although she still gives the powerful souls to her father). She also oversees the pit fiend Gazra, who manages the security of Hell’s first four layers. Still, Fierana knows that she is but a puppet to her father Belial (and likely to Asmodeus as well). Smart enough to content with her status for the time being, willingly accepting and implementing the advice/orders handed down by her father as she quietly considers ways to increase her power.

Fierana has been surreptitiously watching the other Lords and arch-devils, particularly Lilith and Glasya. Although Fierana wants to use men and Lilith wants to destroy them, Fierana still admires Lilith’s power and strength, considering the Lord of the Sixth as a potential future ally. Lilith is apparently finds no value in responding to Fierana’s overtures for an alliance, ignoring all of the Arch-Devil of Passion’s messages to date. Fierana and Glasya, however, have forged something of a friendship. Despite Dispater’s orders to the contrary, Glasya regularly shares information regarding powerful, attractive male mortals with Fierana, allowing her access to them if Dispater and his agents fail to soil such souls. Fierana, in return, regularly provides Glasya with information on the happenings in Phlegethon (Phlegethos). Most of this information seems mundane and harmless to Fierana; however, Glasya reports everything Fierana says to Asmodeus.

Fierana simultaneously lusts after and hates the Arch-Devil of Lust, Semyaza. To date, neither of these beings has spent significant time together, largely because Belial (who likewise lusts after and hates Semyaza) will not allow it. Semyaza views Fierana as a perfect specimen to grind under his heel and hopes that one day her father’s observation slips long enough for him to show Fierana her rightful place. Fierana, in return, hopes to use Semyaza totally and consume him utterly.

Although her lust for Semyaza remains unquenched, Fierana has carried on torrid affairs with both the pit fiend Gazra and her father Belial. Gazra, one of the most powerful pit fiends in Hell, has fallen in love with Fierana, although he takes pains not to reveal his perverse emotions. He believes that Fierana should rule all of Phlegethon (Phlegethos) and, eventually, Hell. He is willing to do almost anything to help her and promote her interests, even if she herself in unaware that her interests are being considered. So far, Fierana is ignorant of Gazra’s feelings, but she does know that he is unusually dedicated to her. So far, Fierana has used Gazra to further her own ends, and continues to support his rise in power, knowing that in doing so she strengthens her own position. Fierana slowly stokes the coals of the hate Gazra has for Belial in the hopes that the pit fiend will one day attempt to do away with her father.

Fierana hates her father, but can do nothing about it in part because of his much greater power and because she possesses an unnatural desire for him. It is known that the two rulers of Phlegethon (Phlegethos) have engaged in perverse acts of incest and that Fierana has given Belial many offspring. Fierana hates Belial because he seems utterly immune to her power over males while she seems to fall under his might whenever he wills it. Currently, Belial is unaware of the nature of Fierana and Glasya’s relationship, but he continues to watch his daughter and her “allies” carefully, knowing that she is some kind of tool of Asmodeus’ which makes her immune to assassination attempts and therefore very dangerous.

Fierana appears as a painfully beautiful, young woman with bright white skin. Unlike her father, whose beauty is clearly unnatural, Fierana’s appearance, while extraordinary, is within the scope of mortal possibility. She has large, green human eyes that burst into flame when she is angered, or when she casts fire-based spells or spell-like abilities. Her hair is long and made from strands of yellow, orange, and red. A sinister smirk perpetually flickers on her face, making those who interact with her for extended periods of time question her sanity.

The limited amount of clothes she wears is black leather and placed strategically to attract rather than discourage attention.


Fierana loves close combat, relishing the opportunity to unleash her flames on all who surround her so she can watch them scream in pain. She is just as keen on watching her servants suffering too, and always calls devils at the earliest possible moment during combat.

Fierana always rushes into combat, preferably as part of a Dire Charge, pummeling the closest female present and launching one of her fire-based spells as a quickened action. She will then usually cast greater invisibility on her person and spend the next couple rounds calling devils, and wrapping herself in a Diabolical Aura. She will then press another lightning fast melee attack accompanied by another quickened fire-based spell, again concentrating on any females. Once any female adversaries are disposed of, Fierana will use Passion’s Lips on the male with the highest Charisma if the score is at least 16, asking him to help her defeat his allies in return for sexual favors. She does her best (and orders any devils she calls) to subdue attractive males rather than slay them.

Only if truly pressed will Fierana use Price of Passion, as she wants to take healthy, attractive males with her back to Abriymoch for an eternity of torture.

Arouse the Passion (Su): Even those normally immune to mind-influencing effects may be smitten by the sight of Fierana. When first the Arch-Devil of Passion is encountered, each creature with an Intelligence score must make a Will save DC 58 or become able to be affected by mind-influencing effects. If such immunity is natural (e.g. the creature in question is an intelligent undead), the immunity is suppressed for 4 hours. If a spell or item granted the effect, it is likewise suppressed for 4 hours; furthermore, any new spell or item designed to confer the same immunity will not work for that creature until the 4 hour period transpires. Creatures naturally resistant to enchantments lose such bonuses to their saving throws (and do not gain the benefit for the save against Arouse the Passion). Creatures that had no immunities or resistances to mind-influencing effects take a –4 penalty against Fierana’s lust-based special attacks for the next 4 hours. A successful save against Arouse the Passion renders the creature immune to its effects for 24 hours, after which the first time Fierana is encountered a new save must be made.

Assassin spells known:

(5/5/5/4. Caster level 36 th ; DC 27 + spell level)

Call Devils (Sp): As a standard action Fierana can call devils. She may attempt to call up to three times a day, 3 pitfiends, 9 gelugons or cornugons, or 18 of any lesser type of devil. Since these devils are called, they have the ability to summon other devils as their descriptions allow. Fierana loves to call in assistance as soon as a fight begins, hoping not to kill her adversaries, but to subdue them before taking them into the heart of Abriymoch where she tortures them for days on end. For this reason, she will usually call cornugons and pit fiends, instructing them not to kill, but to subdue her would-be victims. Fierana may also call the pit fiend, Gazra, once per day. This powerful Pit fiend general supervises the security of the first four levels of Hell, so Asmodeus does not allow him to be easily contacted. Still, if Fierana requests his aid, Gazra, something of her paramour for the time being, will appear. Finally, Fierana has a 50% chance of calling her father, Belial. Typically, Belial is more interested in watching his daughter (as well as her adversaries) writhing in pain than he is to answering her call, the sight giving him perverse pleasure.

Diabolical Aura (Ex): Fierana’s Diabolical Aura can be ignored on a successful Will save DC 58.

The Presence of Hell (Su): Fierana’s Presence of Hell has a 1,800-foot radius, and all effects are as those cast by a 40 th level sorcerer.

Spell-Like Abilities:

As a gift to Fierana (and a bribe to ensure her cooperation for his future plans), Asmodeus granted the Arch-Devil of Passion access to the Fire and Pain domains; these spells are included in the list above and Fierana may cast each up to 9/day.

Flames of Despair (Ex): All fire-based attacks cast by Fierana are corrupt, i.e. half of the damage is evil rather than elemental in nature. Fierana may also cast any fire-based spell as if they were empowered or quickened every 1d4 rounds. All of her fire-based spells benefit from a +2 bonus to their DC (her fire-based spells are indicated with an * in the spell-like abilities list). To make matters worse, beings that do not possess the fire subtype and other devils have a 50% chance of suffering damage from fire-based spell-like abilities cast by Fierana regardless of their elemental protection. Finally, any being engaged in a grapple with Fierana suffers 10d6 points of damage, which is half fire and half profane in nature; there is no save.

Interestingly, despite her association with flames, Fierana is completely immune to cold or water-based attacks (which do nothing more than annoy her). Additionally, this ability allows Fierana to create her “sword,” Fierana’s Displeasure as a free action at will. Essentially an extension of the flames she commands, this powerful weapon ignores most defenses, and cuts through almost anything. Fierana’s Displeasure functions as a +9 brilliant energy, hellfire blast, unholy unarmed strike. Fierana can suppress the brilliant energy quality of her strike if she needs to (if fighting an undead or a construct for example).

Passion’s Lips (Su): Fierana may manifest her power to ignite the corrupting flames of passion within the souls of lesser beings. She may accomplish this in one of two ways. First, Fierana may attempt to kiss as a touch attack 4/day. If she connects and the victim fails a Will save DC 58, the victim receives a + 3 bonus to his Strength and Dexterity for each round for the next 9 rounds. Simultaneously, the victim suffers 2 points of Wisdom and Constitution damage each round until he dies or until the effect wears off. Once the effect wears off, the victim will gain these lost points naturally, while the bonuses disappear immediately.

Fierana’s second manifestation of this power allows her to force males of all kinds to submit to her perverse whims and desires. 1/day, Fierana can request a favor from all sentient males within 40 feet of her person in return for a later tryst with her. This essentially acts as a dominate monster spell, forcing the male(s) to do virtually anything Fierana requests for the next 9 days if he fails a Will save DC 58. Interestingly, Fierana rarely uses this during combat, preferring to use it during torture sessions. Those who do receive some manner of carnal pleasure from Fierana during or within 9 rounds after the effect wears off suffer the Price of Passion.

Price of Passion (Su): When Fierana reveals the Price of Passion, all within 40 feet of the Lady are struck with pleasure so intense that it hampers their ability to function, affecting victims in a manner similar to a symbol of pain if they fail a Fortitude save DC 58 with the following adjustments. After the first three rounds, the pleasure intensifies significantly, increasing associated effects by 2 points. After six rounds, the pleasure coursing through the victim is so intense that he becomes helpless and unable to move or defend himself. By the ninth round, the pleasure is so intense that it utterly incapacitates the victim in a bout of miserable pleasure. Upon reaching the ninth round and for each round thereafter, the victim must make a Fortitude save DC 58 or lose half his Constitution (the minimum Constitution the victim may be reduced to is 1). This Constitution loss is considered a drain and can only be restored by true restoration, miracle or wish cast by a 21st level good-aligned spellcaster. Fierana may call on the Price of Passion 1/day or any time while in the throes of passion with someone she has seduced. Most affected by this power foreswear acts of physical pleasure for the rest of their lives.

Possessions: Fierana rarely carries (or wears) much of anything.

Summoning Fierana

The summoner must lavishly arrange the summoning chamber with red, hot pink, and white cushions, fabrics, and curtains. Pink and red roses, at least four score, must carpet the chamber floor. The total value of the arrangement must be at least 4000 gp that is in addition to the base price for summoning an arch-devil of Fierana’s CR. Furthermore, the summoner must place four grills burning with saffron and other herbs around the summoning chamber.

Upon successful completion of the summons, the chamber will slowly darken even as a red, fiery aura engulfs the area. Flames will burst from the grills, leaping to ignite the cushions, fabrics, and curtains. The roses will ignite slowly, allowing a rich, sweet odor to waft through the area. Women’s moans will echo through the chamber as, in the center of the chamber, a red shadow will rise from the ashes of the roses. Undulating passionately in mid-air, Fierana will coalesce from the shadow.

Fierana will concentrate all of her attention on the male with the highest Charisma present (of at least 18), even if it is obvious that he is not the most powerful person present. In order for another to get her attention, the supplicant must achieve a Diplomacy check against a DC of 64, otherwise, the Arch-Devil of Passion will ignore him. If the supplicant rudely interrupts Fierana as she flirts with another, she will immediately attempt to breach the wards and punish the offender although she is not likely to kill him. In the event that the target of her affections makes it clear that he is uninterested in Fierana without offending her (again, requiring a Diplomacy check against a DC 64), the Lady of the Fourth will then turn her attentions to the lead summoner, ready to parlay. Once she settles down to business, Fierana is very direct and curt. She hopes to get directly to an arrangement and will not hesitate to insult or Intimidate those who appear to be wasting her time. Fierana is generally only interested in making contracts that will spell the doom for areas at least the size of a large town. She could care less about situations that are private and insular unless she can find the means to expand such situations to the population at large. In the event that Fierana cannot come to an arrangement, she will demand payment for her time: intimacy with the mortal of her choosing.

If this is not arranged, Fierana will attempt to breach the wards. If this is agreed to, Fierana demands that those who summoned her remain while she uses Passion’s Lips on her target.

In the event that Fierana ever breaches the wards to her summons, she is guaranteed to return to Hell with at least one living mortal, preferably a male with a high Charisma.

When Fierana returns to Hell, she will begin to moan and writhe as if in tremendous pain or passion. Bloody tears run from her eyes, igniting into liquid flame that quickly burns away her flesh. Within seconds, her form is burnt away in a final cry of anguish or ecstasy even as any remaining fabric and/or roses explode into dust. Echoes of her scream will remain in the area for the next four hours. Males who participated in the summons will not be aroused by another woman for the next four hours after Fierana’s departure.

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