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Demon, Demogorgon


“Demogorgon” -The Prince of Demons. The Dread One. The Eternal Corruptor. The Devourer of Souls. These titles and many others do not adequately describe the utter evil and complete, psychotic insanity represented in the mind of the most powerful Demon ever: Demogorgon.

Without a doubt, Demogorgon is the greatest of the Demons that infest the nigh infinite Abyss. He is the pinnacle of the corrupt, debased, and destructive evil they embody. He is the threat against which not just the Realms Above stand against, but also what the Lords of the Nine Hells of Perdition recognize as the alternative to ordered, oppressive evil. His are the faces that give even Greater gods nightmares. And he is so much more. He is the culmination of the destructive, selfish, and utterly corrupted acts and impulses in the Cosmos and he seeks nothing less than to make these concepts not just ideas, but the Reality of the Cosmos. (It should be noted that Demogorgon is truly genderless and is more accurately referred to as “it;” however, for the purpose of this information, the Prince of Demons is referred to as “he”).

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Demogorgon, The Demiurge
Gargantuan outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar)
Hit Dice96d8 + 1248 (2016 hp)
Initiative+9 (+5 Dexterity, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed80 ft., Fly 160 ft. perfect.
AC84 (-4 size, +41 natural, +17 deflection, +5 Dexterity, +15 profane), touch 43, flat-footed 79
Base Attack/Grapple+96/+132
AttackTentacle slam +119 melee Rotting Caress (4d8+24 + 1 vile and 1d8 Constitution (rot – see below)/19-20/x2)
Full Attack2 tentacle slams + 119 melee Rotting Caress (4d8+24 + 1 vile and 1d8 Constitution (rot – see below)/19-20/x2) and 2 tail slaps +114/+114 melee Soul Strike (4d6+36 +1 vile and energy drain – see below)
Space/Reach20ft. /20ft. (25 ft. with tentacles)
Special AttacksAbyssal Vehemence, call Demons, call sludge of the seas, Cosmic Corruption, Entropic Wave, spell-like abilities, spells, Corrupt Soul, Deny Final Rest, Eternal Annihilation, Feast on the Divine, 20/day rebuke undead
Special QualitiesDemon Prince Qualities; Decadent Divinity; Demon God; Ravaged Forms; Twin Terror; DR 25/cold iron, epic, good, and lawful; SR 86
SavesFort +63 Ref +55 Will +62
AbilitiesStrength 59, Dexterity 21, Constitution 36, Intelligence 38, Wisdom 36, Charisma 44
SkillsAppraise +49 (+51 for alchemy, +51 for armor, +51 for sculpture, +51 for ship making, +51 for stonemasonry, +51 for weapons), Balance +51, Bluff +80, Concentration +112, Craft (alchemy) + 69, Craft (armorsmith) +69, Craft (sculptor) +50, Craft (ship making) +34, Craft (stonemasonry) +50, Craft (weapon smith) +69, Diplomacy +51, Escape Artist +73, Forgery +64, Gather Information +102, Hide +61, Intimidate +124, Jump +41, Knowledge (Arcana) +113, Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +44, Knowledge (history) +113, Knowledge (nature) +76, Knowledge (the planes) +113, Knowledge (religion) +113, Listen +89, Move Silently +68, Search +106 (+108 for finding secret doors), Sense Motive +115, Spellcraft +115, Spot +89, Survival +62 (+64 in above ground natural environments, +64 in other planes, +64 while tracking), Tumble +45
FeatsAwesome Blow, Brew Potion, Cleave, Corrupt Spell, Corrupt Spell-like Ability (B), Craft Construct, Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, Craft Staff, Craft Wondrous Items, Dark Speech, Dire Charge, Empower Spell, Epic Spellcasting, Epic Weapon Focus (tentacles), Eschew Materials, Forge Ring, Great Cleave, Improved Bullrush, Improved Critical (tentacles), Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Intensify Spell, Maximize Spell, Multiattack, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Scribe Scroll, Vile Natural Strike (B), Weapon Focus (tentacles)
Climate/TerrainAny land and underground (Abysm in The Abyss)
OrganizationUnique (Solitary) or troupe (Demogorgon, 1-4 Balor and 2-8 marilith)
Challenge Rating78
TreasureQuintuple Standard
AlignmentChaotic Evil

The truth about Demogorgon’s past is as mysterious as those of the other greater Demiurge. Like Graz’zt, Orcus, and Zuggtymoy, Demogorgon was among the first of the various forces of decrepit, destructive Evil in the fledgling Cosmos. Most legends and texts claim that Demogorgon fought against the Circle of Three, as he represented everything they did not. Most legends say that he, like all of the other children of Chaos, failed and that he fled to The Abyss to await the day when the Cosmos would crumble and Chaos and destruction would reign supreme once again. Since, he has concentrated his efforts in The Abyss and the Depths Below, seeking to dominate all of Evil, onto himself. So the legends say.

But, there are those across the Cosmos, many of them quite insane, who believe that these legends are nothing but lies and that Demogorgon is much more than another Demiurge. These shadowy informants believe that Demogorgon is not just The Demiurge, the first of that line of debased spirits, but that he is the true creator of the Prime Material Plane. They claim that Demogorgon created the Prime Material, an infinite space composed of carnality and matter, as his own “playground,” a place that reflected the infinite physical pleasure that could be imposed on lesser creatures in the future. But, this Prime Material was nothing like that which we now know. It was utterly corrupt, filled with evil, and used as a staging ground in Demogorgon’s struggle against the Circle of Three and every other cosmic entity and overpower in the fledgling Cosmos. In this pre-Prime, The Demiurge would create beings composed of his hatred and need for destruction.

Drawn from a pool of baleful energy, the so-called Venom Fount, these beings were the first Demons, many of whom would rise to such heights that they would see themselves as equals to and replacements for their Corrupt Creator. This eternal pre-Prime was large enough to swallow the entire Cosmos, strong enough to lay low those who believed in the weakness of righteousness, and insane enough to consume the Circle of Three. But, these events never came to pass. Even as the Circle of Three crumbled and created the Seven Heavenly Mountains of Celestia, the Eternal Nirvana of Mechanus, and the Nine Hells of Perdition, the madness within the pre-Prime ripped it asunder from within even as the forces of Balance and goodness attacked from without.

The attack was so great that a large majority of the infinite pre-Prime was ripped away and tumbled into the still incomplete Depths Below where it formed The Abyss. Demogorgon, much of his power invested in his creation, was greatly reduced in power and found himself competing with his wayward creations, those Demons that we now include among the Demiurge. The remnants of the pre-Prime were taken by the gods, beings that came into being after the restructuring of the Cosmos, and they adjusted it to suit their own goals. But, still lurking in the depths of The Abyss, Demogorgon seeks to reclaim that which he believes is rightfully his, and hopes to destroy the gods who have corrupted his corruption. All that remains of the pre-Prime is the Venom Fount, an artifact of incalculable power that moves from world to world, waiting the return of its master.

The truth of this story, and others like it, is unknown. However, many note that the Prime Material, like The Abyss, is seemingly infinite. They note that the elements hold significant sway in both areas and that the Demons seem as at home in the Prime as they do in The Abyss (at least more so than Devils and Yugoloths). Still, there is no certainty that this story, or any other, is true.

What is known about The Prince of Demons is little. Unlike Orcus, Demogorgon is very cautious about revealing his existence to the Prime Material Plane. The nature of this hesitance is unclear. It is known that gods ofall kinds, from the greatest forces of good to the cruelest beneficiaries of evil, hate and fear Demogorgon, often casting aside their differencesto deal with any threat the Prince of Demons may instigate. On the Prime, worship of Demogorgon is very much hidden, but not altogether unknown. There are small cults on every world and, at one time or another, each has threatened not just a petty kingdom, but an entire planet. In the distant pasts of these worlds, many of these servants were destroyed and their secrets and knowledge locked away in some remote place as it was believed that an attempt to destroy what they knew would somehow result in calamity. Thus, Demogorgon is often associated with various worldly apocalypses and tribulations and that the return of his worshippers en masse will begin the countdown for the end of the Cosmos as it is currently known. In the meantime, all gods and their servants are vigilant for signs of the Devourer of Souls and his worshippers.

Another reason for Demogorgon’s limited access to the Prime is because he seems unable to travel to it without being called through some unique rituals by extremely high level clerics (at least 31st level).

In contrast, Demogorgon’s relative lack of interaction with the Prime has allowed the Devourer of Souls to gain more “real estate” in The Abyss than any other Demiurge; Demogorgon controls more Demons and more of The Abyss than Graz’zt and Orcus combined. However, since he is opposed by virtually every other Demiurge and Demon Prince in The Abyss simultaneously, Demogorgon’s dominance is somewhat limited.

To say that Demogorgon hates Graz’zt and Orcus is an understatement. His feelings towards them borders on an obsession. He dreams of one day consuming them and destroying their servants. The nature of this enmity is unknown, although it’s likely to do with the fact that they come so close in rivaling him in power. As Demogorgon views no other as his equal, it’s apparent that he views the statuses of the Demon Prince of Shadows and the Demon Prince of the undead as an insult to his station. The wars between these three Demiurge are legend; to date, it’s unknown if any of them have faced each other directly in combat. Most believe that in a straight fight, Demogorgon would defeat either Graz’zt or Orcus; however, there’s no such thing as a straight fight in The Abyss. While Orcus would bring undead servants and the ultimate power of his Wand of Death to bear, Graz’zt’s Eye of Shadow has the power to warp reality to a degree that would make him almost equal to the Prince of Demons long enough to do some damage. However, there are numerous prophecies that claim that should these three Demiurge ever meet in combat, the victor would finally unite The Abyss and command an almost unstoppable force.

Demogorgon is the most creative and innovative of the various Demiurge. He is credited with the creation of Retrievers and some claim that it is he, not Orcus, who created the Death Knights. It is known that he is responsible for the Ships of Chaos, and that he has created new Demons to serve him over the centuries. However, almost everything Demogorgon creates is corrupted and evil, which to him seems perfectly natural and the only logical way for things to be. This attitude has led many to believe that Demogorgon is insane. What this does not take into account is that Demogorgon is simply an almost perfect manifestation of Chaotic evil and that, in his mind (minds?) goodness, balance, and/or order are illusions.

Demogorgon seeks to return the Cosmos, particularly the Prime, to a state of corruption, destruction, and evil. As such, he is totally opposed to the Legions of Hell and the Bastions of Righteousness. His precise relationship with Asmodeus, The Overlord of Hell, has been speculated for as long as history has been recorded. To date, these two paragons of Evil have yet to meet, but most agree that such a meeting would be cataclysmic to Creation. Likewise, it is unknown how Demogorgon regards the various Scions of Anarchy or even the Queen of Stars. It is safe to say that he sees the Scions as rivals and that he hates the Morwel.

Demogorgon’s physical appearance is truly terrifying, leaving no doubt that he is a Demon. Towering some 40 feet in the air, Demogorgon’s body is like that of a huge serpent with putrid green and brown scales and smatterings of coarse black hair; the entire length is smeared with feces and urine. The base of the serpentine body sprouts into a form akin to that of a four tentacled, greenish-purple squid. Whipping about wildly, two extremely long tentacles curl towards the Devourer’s front, while the shorter two trail behind him like two tails. At the top of the serpentine body spread ape-like, black haired shoulders from which jut heavily muscled ape-like arms that the Prince uses to move about on land (the arms aren’t used for combat since he cannot support himself on one).

Sprouting from his wide shoulders are two long, serpentine necks topped with two great, demonic heads. Sometimes the heads are like those of corrupted mandrills, other times they resemble fiendish hyenas, and still other times they appear simply demonic. However, the two heads always bear one constant: two pairs of malefic eyes. To peer into the eyes of the Prince of Demons is peer into the face of madness. No one can describe their color accurately, but all agree that they are composed of The Abyss. Demogorgon has the disconcerting tendency to speak with one head in a cavernous voice while the other one reacts to something else, giggles, or talks to itself; it’s not at all unusual for one head to begin a sentence and the other to finish it. He also refers to himself as “we” or in the third person. While some think that the Prince of Demons is composed of two personalities, the truth is he’s so far beyond what any being can consider sane, that he cannot be defined one way or the other as anything but evil.


Demogorgon is extremely inconsistent in combat. As a being possessing so many options, he often switches tactics in the middle of a fight. However, there are a few things he does do in most fights.

Demogorgon always enters combat with his Abyssal Vehemence and Cosmic Corruption. He will always attack with Gaze into The Abyss (randomly selecting one of the attacks), and he always targets the most powerful adversaries first so he can annihilate their souls. Beyond that, Demogorgon tends to prefer melee to spellcasting, enjoying watching a being rot into a festering husk in one of his tentacles while his other head continues to press his attack.

Divine Decadence (Ex): Although not a god, Demogorgon possesses power that rivals that of true divine beings. Demogorgon possesses a virtual divine rank of 20 as described in the “Virtual Divine Ranks and Cosmic Entities Defined” article. Unlike most Demiurge, Demogorgon’s virtual divine rank is 20 regardless of his location. On the Prime Material Plane or in the Ethereal Plane, Demogorgon can affect the land within 20 miles of his person as the divine ability Godly Realm described in Deities and Demigods. In most cases, Demogorgon will seek to cause tremendous elemental upheavals, particularly flooding and mudslides. There are persistent rumors that Demogorgon’s virtual divine rank was once on par with that of an overpower. Of course, there’s never been any substantiation of this claim and all other Demiurge and their servants are vehement that such was never the case.

Demon Prince Qualities (Ex): Demogorgon is immune to electricity and poison; he possesses acid, cold, and fire resistance 10. Demogorgon may engage in telepathic communication with any creature within 100 feet. Demogorgon constantly detects good, detects magic, and true sees as a 31st level sorcerer; he possesses immunity to polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack to alter his form. Demogorgon is not subject to energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage; he is also immune to mind-affecting effects.

Demogorgon can sense anything within one mile around the mentioning of his name, titles, or an item of importance to him. This power is barred from places associated with gods of goodness, the personal redoubts of Demiurges or any being that possesses divine rank or virtual divine rank.

Demogorgon is immortal and cannot die from natural causes; he does not age, and does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe.

Abyssal Vehemence (Ex): Demogorgon’s physical presence is so disgusting that is causes lesser creatures to succumb to his hate and need to spread destruction and terror. All creatures within 600 feet of Demogorgon must succeed in a Will save 75. Those who succumb to Demogorgon’s gross presence suffer one of the two following effects:

Fright: Affected beings become shaken and suffer a –2 morale penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks. The merest glance or gesture by Demogorgon makes them frightened, and they flee as quickly as they can, although they can choose the path of their flight.

Madness: Demogorgon’s physical presence the grotesque evil incarnate in his being drives lesser beings insane per the insanity spell. The being remains stuck in a state of madness for one day for every point by which she failed the saving throw, after which time the victim is allowed another save. The madness exists until the victim successfully saves or the appropriate spells are cast by a 31st level being to purge the insanity effect.

Demogorgon can make his servants, “worshippers,” beings of Chaotic Evil alignment, or a mixture of all three types immune to this effect as a free action. This immunity lasts one day or until Demogorgon dismisses it. However, Demogorgon cannot determine which effect takes place; there is a 50% chance each time Abyssal Vehemence is used that one or the other effect will impact near by victims.

Other Demiurge and beings possessing divine ranks or virtual divine ranks equal to or higher than Demogorgon’s virtual divine rank are immune.

Call Demons (Sp): Thrice per day, Demogorgon may call Demons. Like all Demiurge, Demogorgon is under no special restriction for calling any kind of Demon, and may call up to 90 HD of these creatures per attempt. Demogorgon has an obvious preference for calling Balor Demons and mariliths, enjoying their tremendous power and their competence in causing destruction. The Demiurge is also known for calling the terrible Wastrilith Demons from time to time.

Call Sludge of the Seas (Sp): Thrice per day, Demogorgon may call on 90 HD worth of evil denizens of the deep. The Prince of Demons has a special affinity for kraken (of which he can call 4 at one time) and ixitxachitl (of which he can call 90 average demon rays or 45 vampiric demon rays); demon rays consider Demogorgon their patron and actively worship him.

Cosmic Corruption (Su): So heinous is Demogorgon’s presence that he may corrupt an entire area with but a thought. Once per day as a standard action, Demogorgon may unhallow an area equal to 3360 feet. Demogorgon can apply the following spells to the unhallow effect (some of which are not listed as part of the unhallow spell in the Player’s Handbook): bane, bestow curse, Contagion, deeper darkness, dispel magic, silence. In most situations, Demogorgon will select bestow curse.

The forces of righteousness disgust Demogorgon, who finds goodness and holiness repellent enough to give him pause. As a result, Demogorgon avoids hallowed ground. If Demogorgon finds it necessary to enter a hallowed site, he must make a Will DC save equal to 30 + the divine rank of the represented god + the god’s Charisma modifier; Demogorgon cannot use his Spell Resistance to overcome this effect. If Demogorgon succeeds in entering the hallowed area, the area immediately becomes unhallowed. Once Demogorgon breaches holy ground, the god in question is immediately alerted to his presence and will almost always (DM’s discretion) arrive in person to deal with The Prince of Demons.

Demon God (Ex): Although he is the greatest of the Demiurge, Demogorgon does not dominate the majority of Demon worshipping mortals. Demogorgon is simply too alien in his desires, interests, and appearance to draw a wealth of mortal servants. However, while he does not maintain a large cadre of worshippers, Demogorgon does have some of the most powerful worshippers in the Cosmos, many of them rulers of vast territories corrupted beyond recognition and filled with evil and madness. Furthermore, Demogorgon certainly has more Demon followers than any of the other Demiurge; Demons fear their Prince to such a degree that it’s not unusual for those claiming to serve another Demiurge to suddenly change their allegiance in the middle of battles against The Dread One. In any case, the vast majority of Demons with cleric levels are servants of Demogorgon. Whether mortal or not, clerics of Demogorgon go by many different names; Servant of the Twin Masters, Child of Corruption, and Scion of Demons are among the better known names. clerics of Demogorgon have access to the Corruption, Chaos, Destruction, and Evil domains. Demogorgon, like Graz’zt and Orcus, maintains a special cadre of worshippers referred to as Thralls of Demogorgon. Whether Cleric or Thrall, all worshippers of Demogorgon seeks two simple goals: to warp all Creation to better fit the desires of their dreaded master, and to fully call Demogorgon to the Prime Material Plane. Beyond these goals, worshippers of Demogorgon share little else in common besides insanity.

Entropic Wave (Su): Demogorgon can unleash an explosion of corrupt, destructive, Abyssal power in the form of a wave that extends from his person. Demogorgon may use his Entropic Wave 11/day, dealing 20d12 points of damage. Demogorgon’s Entropic Wave explodes in a radius of 200 feet; victims caught in the wave may attempt a Reflex save DC 71 for half damage. Demogorgon’s Entropic Wave appears as a huge wall of deitrus-filled, muddy liquid accompanied by a odor fouler than anything encountered in the Cosmos. Those struck by the Wave that managed to survive claim that they felt as if their bodies were being transformed into something foul as the essence of Demogorgon’s wave seeped into their souls. Entropic Wave ignores mortal magic like anti-magic field, but may only remove one layer of prismatics per blast. Walls of force are not affected by Entropic Wave, while Divine Shields suffer full damage.

Ravaged Form – Gaze into The Abyss (Su): The twin heads of Demogorgon are truly horrors to behold. Gazing into his two pairs of eyes reveal to lesser beings the utter degeneracy of The Abyss and all its denizens. With a glance from either head, Demogorgon can affect the minds of lesser beings through his various gaze attacks:

Beguiled by the Horror (left head): One who looks into the eyes of Demogorgon’s left head realizes that there is no hope against the destructive intent of The Abyss and believes that the only way to save himself is to throw in with The Prince of Demons if he fails a Will save DC 75. Failure means that the victim is under the effects of a dominate monster spell as cast by a 102nd level sorcerer. Beguiled by the Horror has a 120 foot range in Demogorgon’s line of sight (thus all beings within a direct line are subject to its power) and counts as a standard action for Demogorgon’s left head.

Share the Madness (right head): One who looks in the eyes of Demogorgon’s right head feels his mind and soul touched for just an instant by the utter destructive insanity of The Abyss. This touch, ever so faint, is enough to drive a lesser creature utterly insane if he fails a Will save DC 75. Failure results in the permanent insanity of the victim per the spell as though cast by a 102nd level sorcerer. Only priests of at least 31st level can hope to undo the victim’s madness. Share the Madness has a 120 foot range in Demogorgon’s line of sight (thus all beings within a direct line are subject to its power) and counts as a standard action for Demogorgon’s right head.

Devoured by The Abyss (both heads): If Demogorgon levels all of his malefic eyes on a single individual within 60 feet, he channels the destructive energy of The Abyss directly into him, cause the victim to explode in a bloody mist. The Fortitude DC to survive this attack is 75; if the victim saves he suffers 10d10 points of damage. If the victim fails, he is utterly destroyed and can only be resurrected by a Greater god or similarly ranked cosmic entity. Demogorgon can use Devoured by The Abyss 3/day; the effect counts as a standard action for both of Demogorgon’s heads and he’s unable to use another gaze attack that round.

Glare into The Abyss (both heads): If Demogorgon levels all of his malefic eyes on individuals within 60 foot cone, he channels images of The Abyss directly into their minds. All beings with fewer than 21 class levels and/or HD are automatically affected with no save. Those with 21 or more class levels and/or HD receive a Will save DC 75; those that fail behave as if hypnotized by a 102nd level sorcerer. Glare of The Abyss counts as a standard action for both of Demogorgon’s heads and he’s unable to use another gaze attack that round.

Ravaged Form – Rotting Caress (Ex): Anything touched by Demogorgon’s tentacles (save beings without Constitution scores, magic items, and artifacts) must succeed at a Fortitude save DC 75, or it begins to rot. A living victim suffers 1d8 points of Constitution damage immediately and 2 points of Constitution damage every hour thereafter until the victim dies. A remove disease or miracle cast by a 31st level Cleric, a cosmic entity, or a divine being can discontinue Rotting Caress, although lost points return only with natural healing; they cannot be restored through magic. Demogorgon’s rotting ignores an object’s hardness and deals 2 points of damage directly (this extra damage applies when Demogorgon attempts to Sunder a weapon unless it’s magical). Demogorgon can select not to rot that which he touches… but rarely deigns to do so.

Ravaged Form -Tentacles: Demogorgon’s chief physical attack are with his tentacles. Shaped like those of a giant squid (but without the barbs), Demogorgon can use his tentacles to attempt an improved grab attack on any being of Huge or smaller size against which he scores a successful hit against. On a successful hit, Demogorgon can start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If he wins the grapple check, he establishes a hold. Those held by Demogorgon suffer 56 points of damage and 4 points of Constitution damage each round as Demogorgon squeezes the life out of them and rots them into a corrupted husk.

Ravaged Form -Soul Strike Tail: Demogorgon’s serpentine tail forks mid way down its impressive length, all the while glowing with an unnatural, putrid light. Any living creature struck by either of Demogorgon’s tails suffers 2d4 negative levels for 24 hours; for every negative level applied, Demogorgon gains 10 hp (he cannot exceed his maximum hit points once reached). If the negative levels are not removed at the end of the 24 hour period, the victim must make a Fortitude save DC 75 to remove it. If the victim fails, he loses as many levels or hit dice as he had negative levels (although the negative levels are removed). Only greater restoration or miracle cast by a 31st level Cleric or by a cosmic entity or god can eliminate the negative levels and return lost levels or hit dice.

Ravaged Form -Master of Magic: Demogorgon has the ability to cast spells as a 25th level Wizard or a 25th level sorcerer with the additional benefit of Improved Spell Capacity. As the oldest and greatest of the Demiurge, The Prince of Demons has access to every Wizards spell and legions not known to mortals and immortals alike. He tends to prepare spells that allow him to quickly kill his adversaries, increase his already god-like might, and reshape (i.e. corrupt) the surrounding environment.

Cleric spells per day: 6/8+1/8+1/8+1/8+1/7+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/5+1/3/3/3; base DC 22 + spell level. Demogorgon has access to the Chaos, Corruption, Destruction, and Evil Domains. Caster level 25.

Wizard spells per day: 4/8/8/7/7/7/7/6/6/6/4/3/3/3/3; base DC 24 + spell level.

Spell-Like Abilities: At will – animate dead, befoul, bestow greater cure, blasphemy, blindness/deafness, circle of nausea, clairaudience/clairvoyance, contagion, create undead, damning darkness, deeper darkness, desecrate, despoil, destruction, detect chaos, detect law, doom, feeblemind, greater dispel magic, greater teleport, harm, magic circle against good, magic circle against law, morality undone, pox, project image, read magic, sadism, shriveling, soul shackle, symbol of death, telekinesis, unhallow, unholy aura, unholy blight, wall of ice, wither limb, wretched blight;

Demogorgon also casts spells from the Corruption domain at will; these spells are included in the list above.

These abilities are as spells cast by a 102nd level sorcerer (save DC 27 + spell level).

Corrupt Creator: Those who have witnessed the creative acts of Demogorgon are hard-pressed to deny the claims of his worshippers that he was an architect in the creation of the Prime Material Plane. However, even if Demogorgon was once a prime creator, his powers have either diminished or he is insanity has curtailed his ability. Demogorgon has the ability to Craft artifacts, Create Objects, and create entirely new beings and entities from nothingness as follows:

Corrupt Form: Twice a day as a full round action with one of his heads, Demogorgon can corrupt the physical form of beings before him. Essentially, The Prince of Demons can turn any corporeal, non-outsider or Elemental into a Corrupted version of itself per the Corrupted Creature template in the Book of Vile Darkness. Demogorgon can affect up to 468 HD of creatures at any one time so long as they are within 60 feet of his person. Susceptibility to this perverse power depends on the strength of would-be victims. Beings with fewer than 31 class levels/hit dice are automatically corrupted with no save; those with 31 or more class levels/hit dice receive a Will save DC 75 to overcome the effect. Beings that succumb to Demogorgon’s Corrupt Form instantly turn Chaotic evil and behave as if under the effects of dominate monster for one day per point by which they failed their save. The only way to free a being from Corrupted Form is by a well worded wish or miracle performed by a 31st level caster or the intervention of a Greater god. There are persistent rumors that Demogorgon has the ability to apply other templates (like Feral Creature and Pseudonatural Creature) instead of Corrupted Creature.

Craft Artifacts: The Prince of Demons can Craft Magic Arms and Armor, staffs, wands, wondrous items, rings, and scrolls that exceed the normal limits for such items. Essentially, Demogorgon can create epic level items and minor artifacts; there is also substantial evidence (in the form of the rumored Venom Fount) that he can create true artifact. However, anything Demogorgon creates has some kind of curse or flaw associated with it. Common curses include the eyes of the user bleeding or smelling of ordure. Artifacts and intelligent items are always Chaotic evil. If Demogorgon desires to create an artifact free of a curse, he has a 50% chance of success; if he succeeds, Demogorgon suffers a -6 penalty on all of his ability scores, skills, armor class, difficulty classes, and caster levels for six days per item created in a pure fashion.

Create Greater Objects: As a full-round action for one of his heads, Demogorgon can create one or more non-magical objects weighing up to 2000 pounds or with a volume of 400 cubic feet. If Demogorgon uses this ability in Abysm, he can Create Objects up to 6000 pounds or with a volume of 1200 cubic feet. All items created by Demogorgon are unsightly and exude a faint evil no matter their location; some items, if they are valuable, will often have an attendant curse attached to them. If Demogorgon desires to create a “non-evil” object, he has a 50% chance of success; if he succeeds, Demogorgon suffers a -6 penalty on all of ability scores, skills, armor class, difficulty classes, and caster levels for six days per item created in a pure fashion. In any case, Demogorgon can create an object with a value of up to 100 gp without impairment (aside from that stated above); for every additional 100 gp of value, Demogorgon has to rest for 10 minutes. If he creates valuable items in Abysm, he can create a 300 gp item without resting.

Corrupt Creation: As a full-round action for one of his heads, Demogorgon can create mortal creatures (weight and dimensions are as his object creation description above). In essence, Demogorgon can create any creature that does not have a divine rank. He can also create creatures with up to 19 class levels. However, Demogorgon can only freely create corrupt creatures as described under the Corrupted Creature template in the Book of Vile Darkness or, if he wishes to create a creature for whom the Corrupted Creature template would not apply (like a marilith), they must be Chaotic evil. Demogorgon can attempt to create a creature that is not Chaotic evil, but he is utterly unable to create a creature with Lawful or Good alignments. Demogorgon has a 50% chance of successfully creating a non-evil being; if he creates such a being, Demogorgon suffers a -6 penalty on all of his ability scores, skills, armor class, difficulty classes, and caster levels for six days per every six class levels/HD created. In any case, Demogorgon is impaired after the act of creation and must rest for 10 minutes X the creature’s Hit Dice/levels X the creature’s Challenge Rating for each creature created, with a minimum of 10 minutes per creature.

Corrupt Soul (Su): Six times a day, Demogorgon can so utterly violate the soul of another being that it swears to serve him totally. As a full round action for one of his heads, Demogorgon can Corrupt the Soul of any one mortal being within 60 feet. Not only does the victim instantly become Chaotic evil, the victim is completely enslaved to Demogorgon, doing anything The Demiurge commands even if the act risks the victim’s life. The only way to restore the Corrupted Soul of the victim is through the intervention of a 31st level Cleric who casts miracle, followed by true resurrection and greater restoration; the victim then must atone for any evil acts committed and successfully complete a quest within 18 days before the taint in their soul reclaims them. Additionally, a Greater god can also wish the victim’s soul back, but must do so in person.

Deny Final Rest (Su): Six times a day, Demogorgon can force the soul of any being killed within his presence (120 feet) during the past six rounds to travel directly to his layer in The Abyss rather than its rightful place in the Cosmos. The victim receives a Will save DC 75 to overcome the effect. If he fails, his soul is sent to Abysm where it is immediately soul shackled in The Prince of Demon’s fortress. Demogorgon is inconsistent with what he does with such souls. Sometimes he will devour them (see Eternal Annihilation), other times he will trap them so they can live out eternity in The Abyss, and other times he will place the soul in a corrupted body. Freeing souls Denied Final Rest often is a quest in and of itself.

Eternal Annihilation (Ex): Aside from recreating the Cosmos (or as he would say, returning it to its intended state), there are few things that please Demogorgon more than feasting on mortal or immortal souls. Any non-divine being killed by Demogorgon in melee combat runs the risk of serving as an appetizer for the Devourer of Souls. Once Demogorgon kills another creature, he may attempt to Eternally Annihilate their soul as a full round action for one of his heads. The victim’s soul receives a Will save DC 75; if the save is successful, the soul successfully escapes the infinite misery of being eternally consumed. If the save fails, the victim is instantly, utterly, and permanently annihilated. Beings with 31 or more class levels and/or hit dice greatly increase Demogorgon’s power; for every powerful being he consumes, Demogorgon receives a +2 bonus to all ability scores, skills, and saving throws for 3 days; these bonuses are cumulative, as is the duration (when Demogorgon consumes paladins or clerics of any alignment, the bonuses are doubled). Creatures annihilated by Demogorgon can only be brought back to life by a Greater god or similarly ranked cosmic entity possessing some kind of divine or cosmic power over life and death. There is only a 33% chance of success and the attempt must be made within 6 days of the beings annihilation; beings brought back in this fashion are always one level or hit dice lower than when they died, and have a 66% chance of returning utterly insane as described in Share the Madness (one of The Prince’s gaze attacks). High level beings returned to life by gods or cosmic entities rob Demogorgon of his bonus and make the Devourer of Souls aware of the god or cosmic entity responsible for robbing him of his meal.

Feast of the Divine (Ex): There are few things gods fear. Demogorgon is one of those things. The Prince of Demons has the power to devour gods and cosmic entities just as he has the power to consume mortal creatures. Any cosmic or divine being brought to 0 hit points by Demogorgon in melee combat runs the risk of serving as a main course for the Devourer of Souls. Once Demogorgon kills a cosmic or divine being, he may attempt to Feast on their Divinity as a full round action for both of his heads. The cosmic or divine being receives a Will save DC 75; however, gods cannot use their divine rank as a save modifier and both gods and cosmic entities receive a -2 penalty to their save for every virtual divine rank difference between them and The Prince of Demons. If the god or cosmic entity succeeds, he escapes Demogorgon and returns to his realm or layer of existence. If the god or cosmic entity fails the saving throw, he is immediately, totally, and eternally obliterated; he ceases to grant spells or power to his servants and his husk does not appear on the Astral Plane because it too is utterly consumed. Demogorgon receives a +3 bonus to each of his ability scores, skills, and saving throws per divine rank or virtual divine rank for six days. During these six days, all of the divine or cosmic being’s clerics and other related divine spellcasters must make a Will save DC 75 or go irrevocably insane and become Chaotic evil. At the end of the six day period, all of the clerics and related divine spellcasters receive a Fortitude save DC 75; those that fail die instantly and suffer Eternal Annihilation. Only the direct intervention of another god or cosmic entity of at least Greater god rank can interfere with the terrible fate that awaits abandoned clerics. It is unclear whether or not cosmic or divine beings consumed by Demogorgon can be returned to life; if they can, it is only through the direct intervention of an Overpower.

Twin Terrors (Ex): Demogorgon’s two heads, although a part of one being, are able to function separately and independently of each other, controlling the grotesque Prince’s body with impressive speed and startling grace. Each of Demogorgon’s heads can take a round’s worth of action during the Prince’s turn as if he were two separate creatures. Thus, the Dread One can take a move action and then a standard attack action as one head, followed by a full attack action with the other head. Or, he could move and cast a spell, and then cast another spell and then use one of his applicable gaze attacks. The options available to Demogorgon during his turn are staggering and deadly. Additionally, since he has two heads, Demogorgon receives a +4 circumstance bonus to his Intimidate, Listen, Search, Sense Motive, and Spot checks.

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