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Angel, Af-Hemah, Angel of Wrath

Angel Male Fantasy Wings Warrior  - 2234701 / Pixabay, Af-Hemah
2234701 / Pixabay

‘Af-Hemah’ = Angel of wrath, fury, and destruction 

Who governs the death of domestic animals. Af Hemah lives in the seven heavens he is tall carrying chains of black and red fire.

Hemah is one of three angels along with Af and Mashit—who punish those who sin by idolatry, incest, and murder.

Originally Posted by Kain Darkwind of the Dicefreaks d20 Community.

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Af-Hemah, Angel of Wrath
Large outsider (Angel, Good)
Hit Dice44d8 + 666 (864 hp)
Speed70 ft., fly 350 ft. (perfect)
Armor Class60 (+13 Dexterity, +13 insight, +25 natural, -1 size), touch 35, flat-footed 34
Base Attack/Grapple+44/+66
AttackSlam +61 melee (4d8 + 18) or sword of death +68 melee (2d8 + 25 and 2d4 negative levels /19-20/x2)
Full Attack2 slams +61 melee (3d6 + 18) and 6 wings +59 melee (2d10 + 9) or sword of death +68/+63/+58/+53 melee (2d8 + 25 and 2d4 negative levels /19-20/x2) and 6 wings +59 melee (2d10 + 9)
Space/Reach10 ft. /10 ft.
Special AttacksCrush evil, spell-like abilities, spells, summon angels
Damage reduction 30/epic and major evil, divine grace, fast healing 30, immune to cold, fire, mind affecting and petrification, regeneration 20, resistance to acid 30, electricity 30 and sonic 30, Spell Resistance 44
SavesFort +46, Ref +45, Will +45
AbilitiesStrength 47, Dexterity 37, Constitution 39, Intelligence 30, Wisdom 37, Charisma 36
SkillsBalance +50, Concentration +61, Diplomacy +35, Disguise +45, Heal +40, Hide +48, Intimidate +60, Knowledge (arcana) +50, Knowledge (history) +50, Knowledge (nature) +50, Knowledge (nobility) +50, Knowledge (the planes) +50, Knowledge (religion) +50, Listen +60, Move Silently +52, Perform (sing) +60, Perform (stringed instruments) +41, Perform (wind instruments) +41, Sense Motive +60, Spellcraft +61, Spot +67, Truespeak +57
FeatsCleave, Combat Reflexes, Empower Spell, Energy Admixture Spell-like Ability, Flyby Attack, Great Cleave, Holy Tongue, Improved Flyby Attack, Improved Initiative, Improved Toughness, Multiattack, Power Attack, Toughness (x2)
Epic FeatsEpic Spellcasting, Superior Initiative
Climate/TerrainUpper Planes
OrganizationSolitary (unique) or with 6 angels of wrath
Challenge Rating32
TreasureQuadruple Standard
AlignmentLawful Good

Crush Evil (Su): Af-Hemah may smite evil once per round. A critical hit on a smite is treated as a coup de grace attack against that foe. His natural weapons weapons of holy power, which deal 4d6 points of additional holy damage and 1 negative level to evil foes. The damage is multiplied on a critical hit.

Spell-like Abilities:

Caster level 35th

Spells: Af-Hemah spontaneously casts spells from the cleric list with the Death, Destruction, Good, Law, Pestilence, Retribution, and Wrath domains. The seraph gains the granted power of its domains as well.

Spells per day: 19/10/9/9/9/9/7/7/7/7 (caster level 33rd, DC 23 + spell level)

Af-Hemah’s spells are automatically purified and consecrated unless Af-Hemah suppresses this ability.

Epic Spells: 4

epic spells known: crown of vermin, eclipse, mass frog, rain of fire

Granted powers: 1/day, Af-Hemah can declare a retributive strike against a creature that has struck him. If it hits, the retributive strike deals maximum damage.

1/day, Af-Hemah can use a death touch. A creature possessing less than 33d6 hit points immediately dies. 1/day, Af-Hemah can use a smite attack, dealing 33 additional damage. 1/day Af-Hemah can lower his Wisdom and increase hit Strength by 1 point per 2 points of Wisdom sacrificed. His ability scores return to normal in 33 mintues.

Summon Angels (Sp): 7/day, Af-Hemah can summon 1d4 kerubim, 2d10 thrones, 4d10 second sphere angels or 7d10 first sphere angels. This is equivalent to an epic level spell.

Regeneration (Ex): Af-Hemah takes normal damage from epic evil aligned weapons and evil aligned spells of 7th level or higher.

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