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Underwater panther (Mishibizhiw)

By Uyvsdi - Own work, Public Domain,, Underwater panther, Mishibizhiw
By Uyvsdi – Own work, Public Domain,

Underwater panthers were powerful creatures in the mythological traditions of some Native American tribes, particularly tribes of the Great Lakes region.


Water monsters in some Native American mythologies they tended to combine traits of wild cats such as the mountain lion, or in some cases the lynx, with those of snakes. The underwater panther was an amalgam of features from many animals: the horns of deer or bison; snake scales; bird feathers; the body and tail of a mountain lion; and parts from other animals as well, depending on the particular myth. Mishipizheu were said to live in the deepest parts of lakes and rivers. Some traditions believed the underwater panthers to be helpful, protective creatures, but more often they were viewed as malevolent beasts that brought death and misfortune.

To the Algonquins, the underwater panther was the most powerful underworld being. The Ojibwa reportedly held them to be masters of all water creatures as well as of snakes. Some versions of the Nanabozho creation legend refer to whole communities of water lynx. Potawatomi medicine bags sometimes had an image of the underwater panther on one side and the Thunderbird, master of the powers of the air, on the
other. In addition to the Anishinaabeg — the Algonquins, Ojibwas, Potawatomis — Mishibizhiw stories are also to be found among the Montagnais.

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Gargantuan fey [Fae, Aquatic]
Hit Dice30d6+240 (315 hp)
Speed60ft (12 squares), Burrow 20ft, Swim 60ft
Armor Class53 (+7 Dexterity, -4 Size, +40 Natural), touch 13, flat-footed 46
Base Attack/Grapple+15/+46
Attack+26 Bite melee (6d6+15 plus Poison) OR +18 Lightning ranged touch (10d6 plus Grounding) 300ft range
Full Attack+26 Bite melee (6d6+15 plus Poison), +24/+24 Claws melee (4d6+7), +24 Tail melee (Grab, Constrict 4d6+15) OR +18 Lightning ranged touch (10d6 plus Grounding) 300ft range
Space/Reach20ft / 15 ft (30ft with tail)
Special AttacksAwaken the Wilds, Bind, Constrict, Energy Conversion, Grounding, Medicine Maker, Pounce [+2 rake attacks], Rake [+17, 4d6+4], Roar, Sink, Tail, Wave of the Tail
Darkvision 60ft, Dissolve, DR 20/-, DR 40/Natural, Evasion, Fae Traits, Scent, SR 35, Tweening
+18, Ref +24, Will +19
41/+15 Dexterity: 24/+7 Constitution: 26/+8 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 14/+2 Charisma: 10
SkillsClimb +48, Hide +28, Jump +60, Listen +35, Move
+48, Spot +35, Survival +35, Swim +23
Dodge [Races of the Wild], Mobility, Multiattack, Natural Flurry [See Below],
Improved Natural Flurry [See Below], Power
, Spring Attack
basic and surrounding evirons
OrganizationSoliitary, Clan [2-5], Warparty [2-5 plus 1-100 serpentine creatures]
conventional, but corpse represents magic item components [half gold and xp] for
standard magic items


the Wilds: Once every 1d4 rounds, a Mishibizhiw can utter a roar that they
have trained long and hard to master the Medicine vales of. It may have any of
the following effects:

* Awaken forest: This use creates 2d4 Level 10 Water Sentinels, then 1d4
Level 15 Wood Sentinels 10 rounds later and then one level 20 Earth Sentinel.
These remain for 1 hour after summoning. A Mishibizhiw my not have more than 8
Water, 4 Wood and 1 Earth Sentinel at any given time.

Awaken the Mud: The Mishibizhiw designates a point within 300ft. From this
point expands a 40ft shockwave of mud. Anyone hit by this takes 4d6 damage and
is buried. A reflex save, DC 22 halves the damage and negates the burial. The
ground left in the wake of this is slippy, requiring a DC 10 Balance check to

  • Stir the Earth: This effect creates an Earthquake in a 100ft radius around the Mishibizhiw. Those in the open must make a DC 15 Reflex save or fall prone and have a 25% chance of falling down a fissure, which closes after 5 rounds [10ft
    deep]. Buildings collapse, trees fall and anyone caught in the way takes 8d6 damage,
    save negates, assuming they have a chance to get out of the way; those who fail
    are buried.

Unleash the river: The Mishibizhiw calls the river, almost in totalis, to
dispatch his foes. Starting from a river within 100ft, he creates a 400ft long,
40ft high wall of water that surges out 60ft per round for 15 rounds. Those hit
take 20d6 damage [Ref 29 half] and are swept up. Those swept up can escape with
a DC 30 Swim check, but otherwise take 8d6 damage per round and are considered
to be Drowning.

[Sp]: With a Swift action and a whip of its horns, the Mishibizhiw tosses
a piece of water weed out of its fur that flies through the air and grabs a target.
This requires a ranged touch attack [+19, range limit 300ft] and if successful,
grapples the target with a bonus of +45 [BAB + Caster level] until the target
successfully breaks free. The weed requires no Concentration and takes no actions
other than hanging onto the target.

of the Waters: While submerged, the Mishibizhiw gains Concealment [or improves
his Concealment to Total Concealment if deep enough], is immune to effects that
would slow or inhibit his movement and can breath water normally]. This applies
only while underwater, so he can be entangled while onland.

Dissolve: A slain Mishibizhiw breaks up into swamp weed, raw copper and some entrails.
A DC 30 Witchcraft chech yields 1d4 pieces suitable for use in fetishes. These
items grant a +4 bonus to cast fortune based magics.

Conversion: Targets struck by the lightning that a Mishibizhiw shoots from
its horns discover that resistance is less helpful than it should be as the energy
converts to fire on their skin. Creatures who resist the lightning attack of a
Mishibizhiw suffer fire damage equal to the lightning damage negated.

Grounding: When a creature is struck by the lightning of a Mishibizhiw’s horns, they
must make a DC 22 Fort save of lose any Fly speed they may possess, descending
at a mere 100ft a round, which deals 1d6 damage on impact. The loss lasts 20 rounds.

Form: As with Thunderbirds, Mishibizhiw appear in the real world by bartering
with the spirit of a human. They then completely overlay the physical form of
the human in question. The Mishibizhiw can sit down and tip its head back, releasing
the human, who then shrugs the now cloak-skin of the beast easily. They can communicate
with the human like a rider, but not influence him directly. The human vessel
has complete autonomy when not possessed and has unique stats and personality
not expressed in this stat block.

King of Snakes: For no known reason, Snakes obey the words of a Mishibizhiw. The Mishibizhiw may order any serpentine creatures within vocal range of itself as a Free action. As long as the serpents are not smarter than the Mishibizhiw, its
orders are obeyed without question, otherwise, they will not obey without agreeing
to serve beforehand.

Making: Mishibizhiw are powerful users of Witchcraft and Medicine magic; indeed,
most of their powers are such. As a 1 minute action, the Mishibizhiw can produce
any of the following effects effecting targets up to 5 miles away:

* Bolster or Blight Crops: All cultivated food within 5 miles is either
improved, yielding half again as much food or blighted, yielding only ¼
of the expected amount. This effect lasts a year and can be revoked or changed
by the Mishibizhiw.

* bless or Curse individual: Either the target gains a +3 bonus on every roll
he makes or he suffers the effects of a bestow curse spell. Common curses are
impotence, blindness and disease. Disease is a favourite because it spreads. Targets
of curses gain a Will save, DC 22.

Extinguish: All sources of fire within a nominated range [up to 5 miles] are
extinguished. No save is granted against this.

Poison: Type: Injected, Initial: 1d6 Dexterity & Strength, Secondary: 1d6 Constitution, Resist: Fort
DC 33 [Constitution based]

Roar: As a Swift action, the Mishibizhiw roars so loud that it’s anger shakes the
land and disturbs the slumbers of the dead giants. All those within 30ft of the
beast must make a DC 33 Reflex save or fall prone. The save is Constitution based.

Build: The Mishibizhiw is treated as being Colossal on all occasions that
it would be beneficial to it.

[Sp]: As a Swift action, the Mishibizhiw can strip a target of the blessings
of nature that allow it to float. The target must make a DC 25 Will save [Charisma
based] or lose all boyancy and sink like a rock, unable to Swim.

[Ex]: The Mishibizhiw is able to maintain a Grapple as a Free action, holding
its grappled target with it’s tail. It gains the benefit of the Constrict special
rule, meaning that it deals it’s Tail damage every time it wins a grapple check
with it.

[Su]: Mishibizhiw have almost unprecedented Tweening ability. On their turn,
they may switch their location between the real world and either the Hedge or
the Grand Seam as either a Swift action or a Free action as part of other movement.
They can tween at will, even when not in any kind of special terrain. This allows
them to enter and leave the Hedge as part of a move action, doubling their speed
if they so wish. Some use this and their Immediate action Shift to move 40ft away
from an attack, avoiding it utterly.

of the Tail [Ex]: With a wave of the tail [necessitating having nothing grappled]
you create a 90° blast of water out to 30ft. Anyone caught in this are affected
by a Bullrush at +32 and must make a DC 33 Reflex save or be knocked Prone. The
save DC is Constitution based


Bella Coola or Nuxálk people - Nuxalk - of North Western America, i.e. USA and Canada (British Colombia). Religious ceremonial with Totems and the playing of frame drums. The picture is made after nature before photograpy was in common use. Date 1897 Source Allgemeine Landeskunde: Amerika (1895-1897) Wilhelm Sievers (1860 - 1921)

Coola or Nuxálk people – Nuxalk – of North Western America, i.e. USA and
Canada (British Colombia). Religious ceremonial with Totems and the playing of
frame drums. The picture is made after nature before photograpy was in common
use. Date 1897 Source Allgemeine Landeskunde: Amerika (1895-1897) Wilhelm Sievers
(1860 – 1921)

sentinel is a cut down version of a construct, usually created by a spell. The
Sentinel has a defence of 10+level, an attack bonus equal to their level and hit
points equal to the square of their level.

1Tiny20ft111+1-91d3-2 (1)
2Small20ft124+2-41d4 (2)
4Small20ft1416+4-21d4 (2)
5Medium30ft1525+5+51d6+1 (4)
7Medium30ft1749+7+71d6+1 (4)
8Medium30ft1864+8+81d6+1 (4)
11Large40ft21121+11+161d8+5 (8)
13Large40ft23169+13+181d8+5 (8)
15Large40ft25225+15+201d8+5 (8)
16Huge40ft26256+16+252d6+9 (16)
18Huge40ft28324+18+272d6+9 (16)
19Huge40ft29361+19+282d6+9 (16)

addition, Sentinels have a subtype from the energy array, granting one of the
following abilities:

Air: The creature can Fly at it’s base speed , Stunned by Lightning attacks.
Earth: Immune to Precision damage, no nexus.
Fire: Immune to Fire, Attacks
deal Ongoing damage [dealing dice again each round]. Reflex 20 ends [Shake it
off] Their attacks lose the static bonus.
Water: DR 10/-
Wood: Immune to Lightning, Flammable, Fast Healing 10


Flurry [Monstrous]

have learned to make the most of attacking on the move rather than on the charge.
Prerequisites: Pounce, 2+ Natural Weapons
Description: Select two of your natural
attacks. As a Standard action, you may make an attack with each of these weapons.
If you choose both of a pair of class [say] you may employ Rapidstrike with that
pair of weapons if you have it.
Note: You may select this feat more
than once, each time selecting two additional natural weapons to include amongst
your options. You may still only use two weapons at a time, however.

Natural Flurry [Monstrous]

Even when moving and concentrating on
other actions, you can still get in a bat with your claws…
Prerequisites: Natural Flurry
Description: If you make no other attacks this round,
you may opt to make a single attack with one of the natural weapons that you selected
with your Natural Flurry feat as a Swift action.

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