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Krampus, Old card reading "Gruss vom Krampus" ("Greetings from Krampus"). 1900's
Old card reading “Gruss vom Krampus” (“Greetings from Krampus”). 1900’s

The dark cohort of old St. Nick, the Krampus is the sinister creature tasked with punishing the little boys and girls who fail to listen to their parents throughout the year. Krampus a bundle of badness intent on leaving behind lumps of coal and teaching a few fear-inspired lessons! So, tell your players to be good, lest the Krampus come into play while on their watch! Ho Ho! Oh, no! Ben McFarland

Source Koboldquarterly


Some mistake the Krampus for an infernal-blooded satyr, given his wiry black hair, cloven hooves, and curved goat horns. When chasing his favorite prey “misbehaving children” he gives a deep, cruel laugh, and his long, pointed tongue often lolls out. Krampus carries a wicked barbed chain-whip festooned with small bells, and a chainmail bag that never seems to run out of smoldering coal cinders. He hurls these burning rocks at children who stay awake hoping to catch a glance of his peer Saint Nicholas. On his back, Krampus carries a heavy canvas bag dyed sooty black. He stuffs rude and disrespectful children into this sack to eat later, but he’s not adverse to consuming children when they falsely plead their innocence. He often has two or three stolen children in the bag when encountered. Those who cry, instead of stoically facing their fate, are beaten with a bundle of birch sticks that Krampus keeps in his belt for just such a purpose. Krampus also hates young lovers he finds giving public displays of affection, but he is more likely to simply beat these amorous unfortunates into a stupor.

Krampus is known by many names- Knecht Ruprecht, Certa, Perchten, Black Peter, Schmutzli, Pelznickel, Klaubauf and many communities hold celebrations to appease and keep this fellow away. They hope by showing their respect and admiration for the faerie creature, it will pass their homes by and go steal children someplace else.

Krampus CR 10
XP 9,600 LE Large fey

Init +6; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +24

Aura frightful presence (30 ft., DC 21)
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 17; (+3 Dexterity, +8 natural, -1 size)

hp 161 (17d6+102)

Fort +13, Ref +13, Will +12

Immune mind-affecting compulsions; Resist Fire 5; SR 29
Spd 30 ft.

Melee 2 slam +14 (1d6+7 plus Paralysis) or 1 chain-whip +14 (2d4+7) and 1 slam +9 (1d6+7 plus Paralysis)

Ranged Lump of coal +11 (1d6+7 plus 1d6 fire)

Special Attacks Paralysis (1d6 rounds, DC 24), swallow whole (4d6 acid damage, AC 14, 16 hp)

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 17th; Concentration +20)

Constant- endure elements, fly, freedom of movement

At-Will – deep slumber (DC 16), detect evil, knock, light, Sculpt sound
Strength 24, Dexterity 17, Constitution 23, Intelligence 14, Wisdom 14, Charisma 17

Base Atk +8; CMB +16; CMD +29

Feats Alertness, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Intimidating Prowess, Power Attack

Skills Acrobatics +23, Climb +27, Fly +13, Knowledge (geography) +12, Knowledge (local) +12, Knowledge (nature) +11, Intimidate +31, Perception +24, Sense Motive +22, Stealth +23, Use Magic Device +13

Languages Common, Elvish
Treasure – Bag of coal, bundle of birch sticks, chain whip, kidnapper sack
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