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Dragon Hydra Mythology Heads  - koontah2727 / Pixabay, Balaur
koontah2727 / Pixabay

Balaur is a creature Romanian folklore, similar to a dragon.

A balaur is quite large, has fins, feet, and is polycephalous (it usually has three, sometimes seven, or even twelve serpent heads).

As a traditional character which is found in most Romanian fairy tales, it represents Evil and must be defeated by Fat-Frumos in order to release the Princess.

From D&D Wiki
Created By Sulacu
Date Created: June 7, 2008

Size/TypeHuge Dragon
Hit Dice20d12+120 (250 hp)
Speed40 ft. (8 squares), Fly 150 ft. (average)
Armor Class32 (-2 size, +1 Dexterity, +23 natural armor), touch 9, flat-footed 31
Base Attack/Grapple+20/+38
AttackBite +28 melee (4d6+15)
Full AttackBite +28 melee (4d6+10), 2 claws +26 melee (2d8+5), 2 wings +26 melee (2d6+5) plus tail slap +26 (2d8+15)
Space/Reach15 ft./10 ft.
Special AttacksCrush 4d6+15 (DC 26), tail sweep 2d6+15 (DC 26), breath weapon, frightful presence (DC 25), mantra, spells (caster level 11th), spellfire, spell-like abilities
Special QualitiesImmunities, damage reduction 15/magic, mantra sight 200 ft., Spell Resistance 30
SavesFort +18, Ref +13, Will +14
AbilitiesStrength 31, Dexterity 13, Constitution 22, Intelligence 20, Wisdom 20, Charisma 21
SkillsBluff +23, Concentration +23, Diplomacy +23
Challenge Rating19
AlignmentUsually neutral
Advancement21-40 HD (Huge), 41-60 HD (Gargantuan)
Level Adjustment+14 (as cohort)


Balaur can be both decisive and contemplative. They often prefer dominating their enemy from a distance before closing in and using their mantra ability to gain the upper edge on the enemy.

Breath Weapon (Su): Cone, 40 ft., damage 6d10 fire plus 6d10 spellfire, Reflex half (DC 26) for both damage types. The save DC is Constitution based.

Spellfire (Su): A Balaur is able to create and manipulate spellfire, an intense raw font of arcane energy that is likened to fire. Spellfire ignores conventional resistance to fire. When a creature gets dealt spellfire damage, they must succeed on a DC 25 Fortitude save or gain vulnerability to fire (including spellfire) for the next 2d4 rounds, causing all damages dealt by such fire and spellfire effects to be multiplied by 1½. When an already vulnerable creature is dealt spellfire damage, the new 2d4 round duration overlaps with that of the existing duration (if any).

Mantra (Ps): A Balaur has access to an ability called ‘mantra’ or ‘mantra sight’. This ability keys in on the mental and thought patterns of any creature within 200 ft. radius from the Balaur, granting it special insights on the movements of such creatures. A Balaur gains a +10 insight bonus to Armor Class, attack rolls and Reflex saving throws, heightening its AC to 42, its attack bonus to +38 and its Reflex save bonus to +23 against such creatures. These bonuses do not apply to attacks made or spells cast by creatures further than 200 ft. away from the Balaur, nor do they apply against any mindless creature or construct (even if said construct has an Intelligence score. The mind blank spell can be used to completely block the effects of mantra. Furthermore, the mantra ability only has a 50 % chance of being effective against creatures with an Intelligence score of 2 or lower, as well as creatures under the effects of a confusion spell or other effect that causes them to act on a comparably random supply of constant impulses.

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