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Tiktaalik, By Obsidian Soul - Own work, CC BY 4.0,
By Obsidian Soul – Own work, CC BY 4.0,

While drinking from the river, you are startled by an odd fish-lizard. It gives a wet snarl and slips back into the mud.

Tiktaaliks, also known as “God-Killers”, are odd little creatures seeming to be made of both fish and amphibians. Their nick-name comes from the habit of being hunted down by clerics for seeming to be able to destroy any creation myth for being alive.

Tiktaalik have a +2 racial bonus on Hide and Listen checks. The Hide bonus increases to +4 while in muddy areas.

Small animal
Hit Dice1/4d8+5 (6 hp)
Initiative+2 (+2 Dexterity)
Speed10 ft. (2 squares), burrow 5 ft. (1 square), Swim 20 ft. (4 squares)
Armor Class15 (+1 size, +2 Dexterity, +2 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 13
Base Attack/Grapple0/-5
AttackBite +0 melee (1d4 -1)
Full AttackBite +0 melee (1d4 -1)
Space/Reach5 ft./0 ft.
Special Attacks
Special QualitiesLow-Light Vision, regeneration
SavesFort +7, Ref +4, Will +1
AbilitiesStrength 9, Dexterity 15, Constitution 21, Intelligence 2, Wisdom 12, Charisma 8
SkillsHide +8*, Listen +5, Spot +2, Swim +9
EnvironmentWarm marshes
OrganizationSolitary, Brace, or Covey (2-5)
Challenge Rating1/8
AlignmentAlways neutral
Advancement1-2 HD (Small); 3-4 HD (Medium)
Level Adjustment


Tiktaalik are resilient beasts despite being noncaombative

Regeneration (Ex): Tiktaalik can regrow parts of its body at a rate of 1 HP per hour. It can still be killed like normal

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