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Spotted/ Cave Lion (Dire Lion)

Cave Lion
Cave lion with a reindeer. Painting by Heinrich Harder

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Spotted lions, also known as cave lions, are larger, fiercer lions, roaming the plains of the Pleistocene era. Spotted lions look like their later cousins, but their pelts are dappled with dark mottling.

Spotted lion
Large animal
Hit Dice6d8+24 (51 hp)
Speed30 ft (6 squares)
AC17 (-1 size, +4 Dexterity, +4 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 13
Base Attack/Grapple+4/+15
AttackClaw +10 melee (1d4+6)
Full Attack2 claws +10 melee (1d4+6), bite +5 melee (1d12+3)
Face/Reach10 ft/5 ft
Special AttacksPounce, improved grab, rake 2d4+3
Special QualitiesScent, Low-Light Vision
SavesFort +9, Ref +9, Will +3
AbilitiesStrength 24, Dexterity 18, Constitution 18, Intelligence 3, Wisdom 13, Charisma 6
SkillsBalance +9, Hide +8*, Jump +7, Listen +5, Move Silently +10, Spot +5
FeatsAlertness, RunStealthy
EnvironmentWarm plains and desert
OrganizationSolitary or pride (2-8)
Challenge Rating4
AlignmentAlways neutral
Advancement7-12 HD (Large); 13-18 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment


Spotted lions hunt in much the same way as their normal lions.

  • Pounce (Ex) If a spotted lion leaps upon a foe during the first round of combat, it can make a full attack even if it has already taken a move action.
  • Improved Grab (Ex) To use this ability, the spotted lion must hit with a claw or bite attack. If it gets a hold, it can rake.
  • Rake (Ex) A spotted lion that gets a hold can make two rake attacks (+10 melee) with its hind legs for 2d4+3 damage each. If the lion pounces on an opponent, it can also rake.
  • Skills Spotted lions receive a +4 racial bonus to Balance, Hide, and Move Silently checks. *In areas of tall grass or heavy growth, the Hide bonus improves to +12.

The Spotted Lion first appeared in the 1E Monster Manual (1977, Gary Gygax).

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