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In their true form, psirens resemble enormous hideous dung beetles with wide, sucker-like, proboscis mouths, emitting a gentle rhythmical hum.

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Originally Posted by R.M.G.C.L.F. of the Wizards Community forums.

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Psirens are murderous, evil monstrousities. These creatures lure travellers with illusions designed to tempt them. They take everything of value from them, and then glean sadistic pleasure by sucking their brains out with straws.

Medium Aberration (G.E.L.F.) HD 4d8+4(22hp) Initiative +1 Dexterity Speed 20ft AC 15(+1dex,+4 natural) Attacks 2 claws+5 melee or straw+2 melee (as sneak attack or crit only) Damage Claw 1d6+2, Straw 2 peircing and Drain Brain Face/Reach 5ft by 5ft/5ft Special Attacks Read Thoughts, Telepathic Illusions, Drain Brain Special Qualities SR8, Cold Resistance 5 Saves Fort+1,Ref+1,Will+4 Abilities Str17,Dex12,Con13,Int13,Wis14, Cha12 Skills Sense Motive+9, Spot+5, Listen+5, Disguise+4,Bluff+7, Pick Pocket+3 Feats Ability Focus (telepathic illusions), Skill Focus(Bluff), Weapon Focus(straw) (Psirens recieve one racial bonus feat) Climate/Terrain Asteroid fields and remote forests and mountains Organization Solitary, pair, or cluster(3-6) CR 2 Alignment Usually Neutral Evil Treasure Double Standard Advancement 5-8hd(medium)


  • Read Thoughts(pi) – Psirens can perceive the deep reaches of a sentient beings thoughts. They use this information to generate illusions, but they do not have conscious access to anything beyond the knowledge granted by a detect thoughts spell.
  • Telepathic Illusions(pi) – Psirens can generate hallucinatory illusions to mimic desires or emulate a person. The former can appear as communications (such as false scrying visions or as per a major image spell) and the latter allow them to disguise themselves in the same manner as a polymorph spell, except that they remain the same size. The targeted subjects get a will save dc:18 to disbelieve. The latter allow a save for personal contact as per change self, but the dc increases by 1 with each failed save for that illusion. The latter are dependant on the self-perception of the person copied, any delusions of ability or grandure they suffer from are acted out in the illusion. For example, if a low-Charisma fighter thought he was an excellent singer, the illusion-disguised psiren would have great singing ability regardless of how poor the original was.
  • Drain Brain(ex) – A psiren that hits with a straw can begin to suck out the target’s brain, dealing 1d12 damage and 1d6 permanent Intelligence and Wisdom damage each round, and they must make a fortitude save each round or become paralysed. Because of the lower accuracy and general tendency, they do not attempt to drain brains until they have successfully deceived them and taken anything of value.
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