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Nyarlathotep “The Black Pharaoh, The Crawling Chaos”

Nyarlathotep is a fictional character created by H. P. Lovecraft. The character is a malign deity in the Lovecraft Mythos, a shared universe. First appearing in Lovecraft’s 1920 prose poem “Nyarlathotep“, he was later mentioned in other works by Lovecraft and by other writers. Later writers describe him as one of the Outer Gods, an alien pantheon.

Alignment: CE
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Void
Portfolio: accidents, destruction, insanity, nightmares, space
Favored Weapon: dagger

Followers of the elder gods acknowledge that such immense minds probably create chaos and insanity precisely because they are incomprehensible.

Nyarlathotep, however, is thoroughly evil, delighting in the disorder his presence brings and actively roaming mortal worlds in order to sow confusion and destruction. His depraved followers venerate him with unhinged displays of crazed violence and mayhem.

By Jens Heimdahl – Facebook : Art of Jens Heimdahl – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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