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The Dragon Lives Again

 Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
(1977) on IMDb

The Dragon Lives Again (Chinese: 李三腳威震地獄門, originally released as Li san jiao wei zhen di yu men and also known as Deadly Hands of Kung Fu), is a 1977 martial arts fantasy comedy in which the soul of Bruce Lee (played by Bruce Leung Siu-lung) goes to the Underworld. The deceased Lee meets a number of pop-culture icons, including DraculaJames BondZatoichiClint EastwoodThe GodfatherThe Exorcist, and even 1970s soft-porn character Emmanuelle. Lee befriends The One-Armed Swordsman, Caine from TV’s Kung Fu, and Popeye.

The film begins with the announcement, “This film is dedicated to millions who love Bruce Lee.”

The Dragon Lives Again
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